Intimate Conversation with Women of Essence SC

Intimate Conversation with Women of Essence SC

BPM: Give us a little history on your organization. How many members do you have?

We are Women of Essence Social Club. I'm very new to the club and I love because the women that were in before me are great role models. I recently joined the group in July of this year. I am located in Houma, Louisiana about 45 miles from New Orleans.

President - DeMona Harrison-Alexander
Vice President - Chevelle B. White
Secretary - Tuesday W. Pierce
Treasurer - Penny Thomas
Event Coordinators - Lisa James & Shanta Berry
Members:  Natasha Edwards, Latoya Turner, Venessa Dunn-Collins, Shanta Phillips and Chandra Scott

BPM: What type of activities do you enjoy as a group? Do you travel?
I enjoy every social event that we attend and also give. Clubs such as this gives myself and others the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. We also travel as a group and if everyone cant attend, whoever can will, near of far.

BPM: How are you celebrating the holidays? Do you have strong family traditions for the holidays? Will your club have a group party?
For the holidays my family and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve as as one in Florida this year. Thanksgiving will be spent together and sharing what we all are very Thankful for and Christmas this year we will be "Christmas Around The World", learning about different cultures. Our family tradition every year is to put the Christmas tree up and a family the day after Thanksgiving and take it down January 2nd as a family also.

BPM: What is your favorite genre of books? What are the key factors that make a book remain on your mind long after you read the last page? 
African-American-oriented erotica. It is something that I enjoy reading because most of them seem so real and they also teach me alot :-)

BPM: Is there anything you would love to see more of in literature and/or TV? 
I would love to see more on the gay culture because it is definitely out there and you don't see much of it on TV, movies or in literature. I would also love to see more on strong families, because that is something that is very much needed in our society.

BPM: How do you feel about electronic books such as downloads for Kindle?
Electronic books are a plus in this century because you have people as myself who are always on the go and if we don't have anything with us we have our laptops, iPad, cellular devices, etc. that we can access at any time. It is very convenient

BPM: How may we find out more about your club? 
They can find us by clicking the link to our Facebook group, GO.

Submitted by:  Natasha Monique Edwards, Gray, LA