Always With Hope: Dedication To The Survivors of Breast Cancer

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to all the survivors of Breast Cancer and to those women dealing with this, I dedicate this poem I wrote Always With Hope.  My prayer is that we find a cure for Breast Cancer.  This poem is also in my third book of inspirational poems The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins.  Please pray we find a cure.  I share with you Always With Hope. And please share this poem with others.   Believe what is now can change tomorrow. Believe with faith.  And always hold  on to hope. 

God's Peace  and Love to you always,
Doris Washington

Author / Spiritual Writer / Poet / Entrepreneur/ Autism Disability Advocate
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Always With Hope by Doris Washington

In Dedication To The Survivors of Breast Cancer
Excerpt from The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins

Always with Hope there’s the reassurance

Things will get better.

And no matter what you’re going through

At the moment,

No matter what trials you may endure-

It too will pass.


Always with Hope you’re encouraged

To never stop believing,

You’re encouraged to hold on

To the blessings He brings to you

On any given day.


Always with Hope

There’s the reassurance

Things will get better-

Always With Hope

Always With Hope copyright © August 2013.  All rights reserved.  

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