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Intimate Conversation with Shaquana Jackson

Intimate Conversation with Shaquana Jackson

Shaquana Jackson was born in Lafayette, LA but currently resides in Abbeville, LA. She has a degree in General Studies with an concentration in Liberal Arts. She began writing at the age of ten when she encountered an accident that changed things in her life from that point on. However, she says it was a blessing because she may have never discovered her talent given from God above.

Sher writes short stories, poetry, TV and movie scripts, music, and novels. Her goals are to one day become New York Times Bestseller and to write, produce, and direct her own films.  Shaquana is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter by the name of Asia’Lynn Harris.

BPM: Introduce us to your book, Now That the Cover is Removed  and the main characters. 
Now That the Cover is Removed will be released on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. Makeup and laughter is what Justina uses to cover up her beatings and pain that comes from within her very own home. Sh…

Without Faith by Leslie J. Sherrod

Sienna St. James Series
by Leslie J. Sherrod

Listen to the author's interview on BAN Radio Show

She’s a sleuth. She’s a scorned wife. She’s a sista on a mission. Sienna St. James is more than a sharp-witted social worker. She’s a problem solver who keeps getting pulled into life-and-death mysteries that only complicate her already complex life. With a head-strong teenage son and a missing, estranged husband - who could be anywhere on the globe - Sienna has to figure out what gets her focus first: the questions she has about her own love and loss or the dangerous quirks and dark confusion of her current clients... And then there are the current eligible men around her who are jockeying for position, waiting for her to make up her mind about it all.

Featured Books by Leslie J. Sherrod
* Losing Hope    (Available Now)
* Without Faith   (Available Now)
* Sacrifices of Joy  (Coming Spring 2014)

About Losing Hope: 
Social worker Sienna St. James is a woman with a complicated past…

Raising Redemption by R. A. Russell

Raising Redemption by R. A. Russell

The author discusses the book on BAN Radio Show, go here.

Recalling such epic novels as Roots and The Joy Luck Club, R. A. Russell’s sweeping drama chronicles four generations of the Tilman family as they search for the things that will relieve the pain of the past. With its roots in 1975, Raising Redemption is a stirring and provocative story of the shame, secrets, sacrifice and struggle of an African American family who has worked to establish a name synonymous with respect, honor and dignity. Raising Redemption brings readers on a journey to discover the ultimate gift of love and the true legacy left for the Tilman women to embrace.

For Alicia Tilman, a seventeen-year-old girl on her way to Radcliffe, meeting her parents’ expectations means everything. But when Dickey Samson comes around, Alicia defies her father’s longstanding rule that she stay away from the boy, and is unprepared for the consequences that rain down upon her: a baby, a near shooti…

A Good Dose of Pleasure by Zuri Day

A Good Dose of Pleasure
(The Morgan Men) by Zuri Day

Listen to the Author read from the book, go here.
When artist Anise Cartier leaves Nebraska for L.A., she's finally ready to put the past and its losses behind her. She’s even taken a new name to match her new future. And she soon finds a welcoming committee in the form of one very handsome doctor, Gregory  Morgan. Their attraction is instant. So is their animosity.

Anise's goal is to start an art gallery, while Gregory is in a fierce competition for a multimillion-dollar medical research grant  . His opponent for the coveted funding is not Gregory’s only problem. The beloved artist community where Anise plans to set up shop is the same location slated to be demolished to make way for the new research center. Soon, it’s a battle between art and science—one that neither Anise nor Gregory intend to lose. Their passion is intense, but can this heated war of wills lead to a lifetime of red hot love? 

Book Review
"People pursui…

One Family's AIDS by J'son M. Lee

One Family's AIDS by J'son M. Lee

One Family's AIDS
by J'son M. Lee  is the story of Gene Alexander McCoy - a young, educated African-American man who finds himself in a race for time to make peace with his family and God upon being diagnosed with HIV.

The story, told from four different perspectives, chronicles Gene's life as he confronts such issues as HIV/AIDS, family, abandonment and homophobia. With the help of his over-bearing mother, a nurturing grandmother, and an uncle who doesn't feel comfortable talking about Gene's sexuality or disease, we learn the complexities of love and relationships, the damaging results of fear and shame, and how the relentless quest for the truth ultimately leads us back to each other.

** Amazon Book 5-Star Book Review
Written by D. Roseborough

I read this book because I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2003 and enjoy being educated. As I'm reading this book I was captivated by the thoughts of the family that were detailed in a …

Personal Transformation: The New 5 Agreements in the Workplace

Releasing the Human Spirit: Mastery in the Workplace
by David Dibble, author of The New Agreements in the Workplace
Sharing this amazing article for inspiration.  Source.

Personal transformation is a wonderful thing, but transforming the workplace requires more.
To create a successful and supportive environment we must look not only at transforming fear-based systems into love-based ones, but also at transforming the people within that environment. We must look at enhancing their personal freedom and releasing the human spirit in the workplace. If you want to change the results created in your workplace, you have to shift your systems.

Everything is created twice: first in the mind, then in the physical domain. What if we could clearly envision our businesses and organizations as centers of enterprise and learning where people became healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually? What if we could become a living model for the full and human potential of work?

If all parts of the busin…

Being a More Empowered Woman by Louise L. Hay

Being an Empowered Woman  by Louise L. Hay
Sharing a wonderful article about her book, source.

The following ideas are taken from Louise L. Hay's book, Empowering Women, Every Woman's Guide to Successful Living. Hay is the author of 18 books, including You Can Heal Your Life.  The smallest positive change in your thinking can begin to unravel the biggest problem. When you ask the right questions of Life, Life will answer!

There are many ways to make our changes.
We could also begin to honestly look at our flaws NOT by looking at what is WRONG with us, but to see the barriers that we have put up that keep us from being all that we learned in childhood. They never were true for us. We merely accepted someone else's belief system. If we learned these thoughts once, then we can now unlearn them. We acknowledge that we are willing to learn to love ourselves. And then we develop a few guidelines.

1. Stop All Criticism-  It is a useless act; it never accomplishes anything positive. …

Book Review: Heels of Love by Phoenix Rayne

Heels of Love by Phoenix Rayne

(G Street's First Romance)

Edgy, Urban, Romance with a hint of Erotica...

When Cricket Hooper moves to Seattle she only has a couple of goals—find a job and an apartment near her friend Chelle, and basically to live a quiet, normal life.  However, it isn't long before life becomes far from normal.

When a mysterious man helps get her car out of the mud after she makes a wrong turn, she finds herself in his thrall. He wines and dines her, quite literally, and before Cricket can stop it, things are steamy and serious…very serious.

Cricket is thrown aback when Jyme turns out to be more than a simple fisherman, but then she isn't telling all of her story either.

About the Author
Phoenix Rayne
is a history maker!  She is the very first author to be published in G Street Chronicles Romance Division.  Phoenix parents planned for her, conceived her, and then birthed her.  After that, things got much more boring.  She didn't do much, but she did do so…

Intimate Conversation with Tiffany Craig founder of Tiffany Talks Books

Intimate Conversation with Tiffany Craig
Founder of Tiffany Talks Books

BPM:  Tiffany, tell us a little about yourself and introduce us to your book blog.
I am a woman who loves books!  I am an Army wife currently living in Maryland with my husband and our two Yorkies: Lucky and Lina. I love to read all genres with the exception of paranormal. horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Indie and self-published authors as well as books that make a personal connection hold a special place in my heart!

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and a minor in Linguistics. And, outside of reading, I love sports, traveling, and everything fitness/nutrition related.

It is important to note that I represent DIVERSITY on my blog!  Tiffany Talks Books (formally Read It All Book Reviews) was founded in 2010. I am an avid reader who loves ALL genres (generally, I do not read paranormal, horror, or science fiction). It is my wish to promote the lost art of rea…

About the "Turn Your Mishaps Into a Ministry" Radio Programs

"Turn Your Mishaps Into a Ministry" Radio Programs
“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. Do not complain. Make every effort to change things you do not like. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new solution.”
-- Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter

If hurt people, hurt people, then healed people can surely heal people!  There are many people in need of  of love.  They might be looking for this love and compassion in words or deeds. Sometimes all a person needs is the lending of a hand or a sound example to follow.  BAN Radio Show and  producer Ella Curry want to bring people together from all walks of life, that have answered the call of giving.  Our speakers will share their journey and personal knowledge as a way to support hurting people.  You will meet authors, business owners, social change agents, survivors,  edu…

Intimate Conversation with Florence M. Howard

Intimate Conversation with Florence M. Howard

Florence M. Howard
is an accomplished, dynamic and compassionate visionary.  She obtained her first library card at the then-recently integrated Main Library on Peabody in Memphis .  Director of Community Affairs for WREG-TV, she established and ran the Knowledge Bowl quiz show and Emmy-winning Kids Count campaign for 12 years.  She obtained degrees in Journalism from the University of Memphis. Today, she is an author, publicist, event coordinator, and inspirational speaker. She opened her company, Secret Shop Communicators ( in 1999.

BPM: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of your family.

Throughout my life, I have been supported by good people – trusted teachers, church members and friends.  Apparently, they saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself.  I am always amazed by the good things that people tell me about myself.  Thanks Goodness, I choose to believe them and not my own fears or misgiv…

Book Review: If I Can’t have You by Mary B. Morrison

If I Can’t Have You by Mary B. Morrison

Reviewed by S. Barnes: If I Can’t Have You by Mary B. Morrison, an African American fiction novel, worth four stars. The writer delivered a powerful read that not only educates the reader but keeps the reader laughing and wishing for more.

If I Can’t Have You by Mary B. Morrison was a tantalizing read that leaves the reader begging for more. The leading characters of the book were three friends Madison, Loretta, and Tisha who were searching for love in the state where everything is bigger. Madison is a feisty DIVA who thinks she can tame any man which leads to a bet that will change everyone’s life dramatically. Madison is currently engaged to a man named Chicago, an arrangement that his entire family has something to say about. Loretta is sweet woman still stuck in the past but hoping for a better future. Tisha is a hard-working mother who is married to a lazy man named Darryl. I almost felt like I knew each woman individually. M…

Book Review: Playing the Hand You're Dealt by Trice Hickman

Dreading something is far worse  than doing it!

5 Star Book Review Written by Yolanda Maria

In this rich tale of keeping secrets from the ones you love, secrets collide causing long, lasting and devastating effects. Trice Hickman does it again with her effective, detail woven story with a rich and dynamic flair. I can't get over how well she weaves together her characters with out any contradiction to tell wonderful stories. It makes you read it slowly because you don't want it to end.

In Playing the Hand You're Dealt, we meet Emily Snow and Samantha Baldwin. The two meet their freshmen year in college while studying in Atlanta. The two are instant friends when rich but wanna be homegirl Samantha moves in the dorm room with the help of Samantha's snooty mother Brenda and her rich and fine daddy Ed. Emily is already there with her mother Lucille and the two families get along as if they'd known each other for years. Samantha and Emily are tighter than s…

Always With Hope: Dedication To The Survivors of Breast Cancer

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to all the survivors of Breast Cancer and to those women dealing with this, I dedicate this poem I wrote Always With Hope.  My prayer is that we find a cure for Breast Cancer.  This poem is also in my third book of inspirational poems The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins.  Please pray we find a cure.  I share with you Always With Hope. And please share this poem with others.   Believe what is now can change tomorrow. Believe with faith.  And always hold  on to hope. 

God's Peace  and Love to you always,
Doris Washington

Author / Spiritual Writer / Poet / Entrepreneur/ Autism Disability Advocate
Web Site:

Always With Hope by Doris Washington

In Dedication To The Survivors of Breast Cancer
Excerpt from The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins

Always with Hope there’s the reassurance

Things will get better.

And no matter what you’re going through

At the moment,

No matter what trials you may endure-

It too will pa…

Sneak Peek: Anybody’s Daughter by Pamela Samuels Young

Anybody’s Daughter
by Pamela Samuels Young

Is Anybody's Daughter Ever Safe?
Available November 5, 2013

Based on the real-life horrors faced by thousands of girls, award-winning author Pamela Samuels Young takes readers deep inside the disturbing world of child sex trafficking in a fast-paced thriller that educates as much as it entertains.
Thirteen-year-old Brianna Walker is ecstatic. She's about to sneak off to meet her first real boyfriend—a boyfriend she met on Facebook.  But Brianna is in for a horrifying surprise because her boyfriend doesn't exist. Instead, Brianna unwittingly becomes the captive of a ring of drug dealers- turned-human traffickers who prey on lonely girls from dysfunctional homes. But they’ve made a big mistake in targeting Brianna because she doesn’t meet either of those criteria.

Brianna’s Uncle Dre, a man with his own criminal past, is determined to find the niece who is more like a daughter to him. Rather than sit back and rely on polic…