Intimate Conversation with Lisa Renee Johnson

Intimate Conversation with Lisa Renee Johnson

Lisa Renee Johnson  may be a newbie to the scene of fiction, but she’s not new to the mesmerizing power of a good book.  By day, she works in a public agency and by night she explores her creative self and writes about people she can relate to—real people in disguise.
A true sunshine girl at heart, Lisa Renee Johnson was born in Florida, reared in Texas and now resides in Northern California with her family.  When Lisa Renee is not writing, running marathons, reading steamy novel or eating red velvet cupcakes, she’s usually traveling to interesting places so she can write about them later.

BPM: Introduce us to Dangerous Consequences by Lisa Renee Johnson.
Sydney James has what every girl dreams of—an adoring husband, beautiful home and a successful career as a pediatric neurosurgeon… until her husband, Donathan James, a psychologist and local radio personality dubbed "the sex doctor," is drugged by a drop-dead gorgeous–but delusional–stranger with a hunger to feed. After awakening in a dimly lit hotel room, tied to the bed, with only a sketchy memory of how he got there, Donathan secretly begins his quest to find the mysterious woman and uncover her motives. His odd behavior and some incriminating pictures on the internet, leave Sydney confused, angry, and in unfamiliar and risky territory. In her discovery for the truth, she learns how dangerous sexual secrets and delusional behavior can be.

BPM: What topics does your latest book address? 
Dangerous Consequences explores characters navigating infidelity, sexual abuse, mental illness and sexual harassment just to name a few. We all know someone who has experienced or is experiencing one or more of these real life issues and I wanted to write a novel that my readers could relate to.

BPM: You believe in:
I believe in God and I believe I’m blessed just for being me. I got SUNSHINE!

BPM: You are humbled by:
I’m humbled by the generosity and kindness of so many who have supported me on my writing journey. Thank you.

BPM: Criticism makes you:
Before I released my novel I had to be at peace with the fact that some people will love my book and others will not. I would prefer constructive, well-intended, and potentially helpful criticism, but negative criticism is just as important. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter whether it’s negative or positive or constructive…I’m getting feedback and in the end, criticism makes me grow and become a better writer.

BPM: How has your writing evolved:
I’m happy to say that I’m not the same writer today that I was yesterday. Life experiences mold and bend me daily, which is reflected in my writing. I continually think about my voice as a writer and how to keep my voice authentic and true to me. Evolution is good and it’s something that I strive for.

BPM: Your favorite promotional tool:
My recipe card for Keep Your Man At Home Red Velvet Pancakes, which was inspired by, Joi White one of the characters in my novel. Joi, makes these red velvet pancakes in the hopes of keeping her man at home, hence the name. Of course you have to read the book to find out more about Joi and her story, but my readers absolutely L-O-V-E these pancakes.

BPM: Do you view writing as a gift or a career:
I believe there is a divine plan moving me forward and my ability to write is a gift. I’m blessed beyond my own comprehension.

BPM: Your writing educates, illuminates or entertains:
Reading allows us to immerse ourselves into the fictional tales of other people’s troubles and forget about our own. Even though we don’t realize this is why we do it, most of us read books to escape reality. My writing is meant to help my readers escape…I write to entertain.

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