Bind Me With Ties No More by Mahogany Law

Bind Me With Ties No More’ is about a young girl, Nicole, who at the age of six was raped by one of her older neighbor’s. Nicole, later, was neglected by both of her parents. Entering adulthood, Nicole had to learn, and learn very fast how she was going to survive, and overcome all that she had endured; breaking the chains she felt she was binded by, and lead a successful life.

A successful life that could be an inspiration and motivation to others, hence the name ‘Bind Me With Ties No More’ which is the first installment of other series to follow.

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Meet the Author
Mahogany Law was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica until her early teenage years when she migrated to the United States. Mahogany is a graduate of Charter Oak State College and holds a degree in Organizational Leadership and a Certification in Project Management, and an Alpha Sigma Lambda member. When she's not penning her next short story, you can find Mahogany dabbling in the Real Estate market, counseling others on finances, education, relationships and love, or volunteering, to name a few.

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