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Aqua Blue by Marian L. Thomas

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AQUA BLUE  Proves that Love is Stronger than the Color of Skin

Race, hatred, passion, betrayal and heartbreak—are all things that make a dynamic and spellbinding read: Per announcement today, “AQUA BLUE,” a new novel by award-winning author Marian L. Thomas, is available through bookstores and online retailers nationwide.
AQUA BLUE” follows the lives of three young adults whose lives reflect like mirrors, the history of racial tensions between blacks and whites. It weaves a fascinating, clean-fiction tale of a time when love was forbidden. 
From the first page until the last, readers are drawn into a riveting world, through well-developed main characters AQUA BLUE, Haley, and Jonathan. The storyline takes shape as the three travel from the dirt-filled roads of Jackson, Tennessee to the intoxicating city of New York where their dreams are waiting for them with seemingly open arms.

“Life lessons and touches of history are what readers can expect to find throughout the fictional pages of my new novel,” said Marian L. Thomas, also a three-time best-selling novelist and “AQUA BLUE” author. “It’s a book that proves that love was never purposed to reflect a skin color, but rather, a heart.”

As an African-American pioneer in the genre of contemporary women's-clean fiction, Thomas’ success is noteworthy. She refuses to lace her work with explicit sexual themes or profanity, and instead pens refreshing, engaging and dramatic stories that revolve around strong female characters.

Travel back to 1968 when a child is born. A friendship begins to unravel. A young man is fleeing the tragic loss of his mother. A romance crosses the boundary of hatred and proves that love is stronger than the color of skin. “AQUA BLUE” is a stand-alone novel for Thomas. Her first, and promises to deliver a compelling and engaging storyline.  Find it all in, AQUA BLUE. 

Inside the novel:  
Best friends Aqua Blue and Haley, grew up together in the small town of Jackson County, Tennessee. Each had aspiring dreams to move to the big city of New York, vowing to stay friends come what may. But when secrets are revealed, their friendship is soon put to the test, and the strings that once were thought to be so strong, begin to unravel.

Aqua Blue has lived a life of non-existence in a three bedroom home. One for her, and one for each of her parents. But that’s not the only thing that separates their household. Her father eyes boast a deep healthy green, while her mother was born with beautiful hazel brown eyes. Yet, Aqua Blue was brought into the world with neither.

Haley wishes her parents would forget about her. Her mother wants to control her. Her father constantly beats on her, and Haley just wants to dance on Broadway. Her dreams, however, could cost her more than she ever expected.

Jonathan Joseph Benjamin Brown will travel from Barrow County, Tennessee into a world filled with lies and secrets so shocking, he will have to determine if he will love or hate. Forgive or walk away.

When each of them step foot into the intoxicating city of New York, their dreams are standing before them with open arms. Yet, in order to embrace the possibilities, they must first learn to live, love, and let go. Only then can they find a way to breathe.

First Chapter Excerpt: AQUA BLUE 

“You told me that a real man should cherish a woman, so why, Mama? Why do you keep letting him hit you like this?”

Loretta May lay on her 20 year-old son’s lap, trembling like someone done come and ripped her soul away from her. Her skin hurt and her pride done washed down the river. The pain in her heart was even greater. The mourning that beat down in her gut was darn near unbearable. But, she had to answer him. He deserved an answer. She wished to God, she could find one. There ain’t no excuse. No excuse whatsoever, but still she tried.

“It’s complicated, baby,” were the only words that ached from her lips.

“No, Mama. It ain’t complicated. Put that low-down, no-good fool out. You listening to me, Mama? You hear what I’m saying? Cause I swear Mama, I swear on this day, this here moment, that if you don’t— I’m gonna’ hurt him, Mama. I’m gonna’ hurt him real bad,” he replied, as he pulled her reddish hair back and off the side of her face.
The bruises on her cheek sent rivets of hatred down his spine.

“Your father used to say that I had pretty hair. He would say that there wasn’t another woman who had hair prettier than mine.”

“It’s still pretty, Mama.”

“No, it ain’t pretty no more. It done turned ugly.” “Don’t say that, Mama. You’re still pretty.”

“I miss him, baby. I miss him something painful.” The tears streamed down her face as she reached up to wipe the ones that fell from her boy. Her little man. He had grown up to be something fine. Someone smart. She was so proud. So proud. Nothing, not even that sorry piece of a man she married two years ago could rip that simple fact from her mind. It was buried down in her core. She was gonna’ take it with her, before he tried to beat it out of her.

“Loretta May!” They both jumped.

“You tell that boy to get his butt out there and clean up the yard. You hear me?!”

Jonathan tried to ease his mother aside, but she clung to him. He looked intently into her eyes and could see them staring back with sadness. They were pleading with him— begging him not to move. He could see it on her face. He felt it in her body as she began to tremble even more.  He gave in. For the moment.

Jimmy James Clockman came storming into the living room where they both sat. He stood over six feet tall, and boasted broad shoulders, curly hair. and pale skin because the sun had no love for him. He had once been the most handsome thing Loretta May had ever laid eyes on, since Jonathan’s father passed away ten years ago. Now she strained through the bruises to see him.

The handsomeness that once adorned him had begun to fade, and was replaced with cold-hearted bitterness, just six months after Loretta stood in front of the only county judge and said her I do’s.  Jimmy had done lost his job twice since then.

“Boy, you get your butt out there and clean up the yard. I told you to do it yesterday!”

They say anger has a way of rushing through your veins and busting out through your fingers. They say that when it happens, your mind snaps and you see yourself in a fog doing things that should never be spoken of. Jonathan could feel the anger. He could feel the rage as Jimmy came toward him. His mother tightened her grip.

She could feel it too, as it ran from the heels of her son’s feet to the tips of his fingers. Dear God, she thought. Save my boy. She pulled away from him and used every ounce of strength she could find to sit herself up.

“It’s my fault, Jimmy. I had him cleaning up the kitchen. He’ll get right to it. I promise.” The two men glared at each other. Jimmy could see Jonathan’s hands curled up in fists.

“What you gonna’ do, boy?” Jonathan stood up. Motion is something that happens in seconds. It’s like a blur that one struggles at times to see clearly. Loretta May struggled; then, she saw everything clearly. She moved with a quickness that only a mother could understand.

She grabbed her boy by the hand, feeling the ball of his fist. “Jonathan, baby, please go outside and do what I asks of you. You do it now, okay? Right now.”  Jonathan didn’t move.

Jimmy stood towering over them both with a smile on his face. He had known this day was coming and he was ready.

Loretta May raised her voice as she moved her aching body in front of her son and reached out toward Jimmy. “He going, Jimmy. He going.” She turned back toward Jonathan. “Go on now. Go outside. Please Jonathan. Do it for me.”

Jonathan couldn’t resist his mother’s pleas. She watched his hands release as he moved around them both and headed toward the door.

Jimmy started to laugh just as Jonathan stepped out onto the porch.

“Go on, baby. Do what I asks of you,” Loretta May whispered.

“You had better listen to your mother boy.”

It took all he had. Every single drop of love for his mother to close that front door.

( Continued... )

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Topics to consider: Forgiveness. Betrayal. The importance of Friendship.
Abuse in Dating. Eating Disorders. Spousal Abuse. Cultural Backgrounds.

About the Author

 Marian L. Thomas, is no stranger to the world of fiction. With three dramatic and engaging books to her credit: Color Me Jazzmyne; My Father's Colors and Strings of Color, this award-winning author continues to weave colorful stories of emotion and realism, that crosses all boundaries and finds a home in the heart of today's female reader. This has become her trademark.


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