My Fleshy Needs by Rachel L. Smith

My Fleshy Needs  by Rachel L. Smith

There have been times,
when I needed the company of a man,
so bad;
but the timing is not right;
that the only thing;
that brings me relief;
is praying to God.

So, I pray to God;
asking him to curb these feelings;
of the flesh,
from me until the time is right.

I also ask him,
to bless me with a man;
whose back can not only handle,
the pressure of being the head of a house hold;
but also can bear the release of all my;
pent up energy and emotions.

Rachel L. Smith

Salisbury, NC 28145

About the Author
Rachel lives in North Carolina with her nine year old son.  She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her son.  You can email a comment to her at