Falling In The Deep by Patricia Anne Phillips

Falling In The Deep by Patricia Anne Phillips

Sabrina Chapman has the perfect life, a loving, trusting husband, and two gorgeous children. They live in Mill Valley, a middle-class neighborhood near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

When a severe fall injures her throat, and a car accident that totals her car, Sabrina is referred to a Neurologist. After series of tests, regretfully, she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and her world is utterly shattered. As a result of the car accident, Sabrina is experiencing more extreme symptoms such as numbness, tingling throughout her limbs, and walks with a cane. The essence of life she had taken for granted no longer exists.

When it comes to Sabrina having MS, Jason Chapman, her husband is in denial. His initial reaction to the diagnosis is blame, anger, shock and fear. When the Beta Nurse demonstrates how Sabrina will give herself an injection every other night, Jason finally faces reality. Her illness is so overwhelming, he moves out of the house. Sabrina is slammed with symptoms that take days for her to walk again. She files for a divorce, but having MS and on total disability; she needs a lawyer that will fight for her. In the end she finds financial stability, a way to live with MS, and a MS doctor who adores her.

Readers will get a close-up look at what commitment and marriage really means.

Meet the Author

As an enthusiastic fan of the romance genre, Patricia Anne Phillips was inspired to begin writing her own novels. Her novel June In Winter was featured in Romantic Times as Best Multicultural and Best First Multicultural Romance. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is now working on her new novel.

Falling In The Deep by Patricia Anne Phillips
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