Ella Curry Lovely News Interview Part 2

EDC Creations: An Interview
with Ella D. Curry
Part Two!


Last month, we began a conversation with one of the literary industry's most staunchest supporters: Ella D. Curry. Among other things, she shared  why aspiring authors should consider hiring a professional promotions consultant, common mistakes that authors make regarding their promotions plan and how social media such as Facebook and Twitter have impacted promotions and the literary industry. Here, we'll share more information that could prove crucial to your novel's success. Ms. Curry's expertise commands top dollar in consultation fees so please take advantage of this opportunity to learn amazing, career-changing tips...for free!!!  Read the original article here.

Lutishia: Ella, I
 recently read a rant of yours on Facebook, where you'd published something someone sent you, it stayed on your news feed for three months, and then they wrote to ask if you planned to use what they sent! She'd obviously not read the newsletter. Goodness! When it comes to authors, can you name 3-4 other pet peeves that gets your blood boiling?

EDC: Authors who behave badly in front of their readers really annoy me!  Facebook lynching parties are not on my list of things to build a strong trustworthy brand! Also, the copycats in the industry deserve a special place in purgatory. I'm just kidding...sorta.  LOL.

People that expose book reviewers, service providers or their publishers to negative press on social media are placed on the Not Kool List. Real business professionals take their arguments to the courts or handle it in-house. I have a running list of instigators, agitators, and others that will not be on the roster of EDC Creations clients.  I look for people that will make my brand shine as well as their own.  Unprofessional business owners really raise my blood pressure.

Lutishia: That's real talk right there, Ella. What aspiring authors need to be aware of is that the literary industry is a relatively small world, and it doesn't take long for someone with a bad attitude to get a bad name. On the other hand, what are 3-4 things that will really impress you regarding someone wanting to be an EDC Creations client?

EDC:  Good question!  People who can read and follow instructions are high on my list...LOL. I'm looking for clients who have taken all the required steps to present a sound, professional, marketing plan and budget. Often times people will come to me and say, "I only have $500.00 to launch this book."  This is simply not enough to conduct a competitive, full scale campaign. Even if they don't have the plan completed, at least be flexible enough to allow me to help you establish the marking plan and strategy.

The perfect EDC Creations client is someone who is willing to change, enhance and expand their brand based on the market and what their reader's request. The market is morphing at the speed of light!  Some people are digging in and trying to hold on to "the ole' way" but it's going to be detrimental to their careers in the end.  Change can be good. Look for ways to stand up and to stand out. That can require the desire to read more and learn from the experts in your industry!

Lutishia: One of the components of EDC Creations that I absolutely love are the Chocolate Socials. I know that there will be one in Atlanta in August. Can you tell our readers a little bit about this idea and let us know if there are more socials planned for other parts of the country?

EDC:  The Chocolate Socials are events designed to bring authors and book clubs face to face in a social setting. I wanted to create a networking experience that would allow readers to talk to the authors they meet online. This is our time to give awards to the book clubs that have helped us support the authors all year. The Chocolate Socials take place three times per year:  Washington DC each Christmas, Atlanta each Summer  and New Orleans every July 2-4, during the Essence Music Festival.

Lutishia: That is fabulous, Ella. EDC has so much going on and I definitely want to invite you back to Lovely News at a later date. In the meantime, what's next for Ella Curry and EDC Creations?

 EDC Creations Media reaches approximately 271,000 readers a month with our newsletters and radio shows. I want to use this platform to educate women on expanding their passions into profitable businesses.  Currently, I'm looking for guest writers, blog tour hosts and people who organize blog hops to join my team.  I want to partner with others who want to uplift people with dreams of owning their own business or publishing a well written book.

I recently inked a deal with a London-based firm to take Black Pearls Magazine internationally, so it can promote American and international authors.  I'm launching a speaker's platform to help women learn how to make life/career shifts (i.e. dealing with layoffs, care giving for aging parents, life after the death of a spouse, etc.). In the spring of 2013, I plan to publish my own book. It will focus on publishing and marketing for the African-American author.

Lutishia: Well, I can tell you one thing, Ella. I for one will be buying that book! Thanks so much.

(Ella and I mixing it up at BEA (Book Expo America), an industry convention. She was there in the capacity of media, taking pictures and conducting interviews for EDC's premiere written piece, Black Pearl Magazine.)