Sinning & Sanctified by Amy Warren-Patterson

Sinning & Sanctified by Amy Warren-Patterson

Terrell Hunter  Pastor of Journey Toward Christ Missionary Baptist Church. God’s Man, ladies’ man or con man. Handsome, intelligent, charismatic and loved by everyone.  What he possesses can kill you…literally.

First Lady Charisse K. Hunter
Wife of Pastor Hunter, First Lady of the church. Beautiful, smart, yet naive, passive, but powerful. She is not as innocent as you think?  Are her secrets as great as her husband’s?

Shavonne Swanson:  The high maintenance mistress of Pastor Hunter. She has dedicated her life solely to him—fearful of new competition.  How long before she loses her position? Will she be able to recover?

Frenchee B. Henderson:  A self-proclaimed diva. She is rich, powerful and empty inside. She’s stuck in a loveless/sexually unsatisfying marriage.  What will she do to achieve happiness? What will surface from her past? Or has it been there from the start?

Lady Monica DavenportThe Church Organist. A well-educated, beautiful, sophisticated, semi-wealthy, lifelong rival of Frenchee B, capable of betrayal. Will her secrets be revealed?

Natalie Champion The Pastor’s Administrative Assistant. She’s young, beautiful, money-hungry, freedom-loving, promiscuous, yet self-reliant. She is privy to everyone’s secrets, lies and indiscretions. Sweet, yet scandalous; having the Champion DNA. She’s torn between love, money and family. Which one will she choose?

Denise Bellman The single mother who’s attempting to leave her past. She seeks acceptance, love and money. However, old habits of choosing the wrong men die hard.  Will she find what she needs? How far will she go to get it; and will it pay off?

DeAngelo “Debonair” Champion:  Sexy, smooth, smart. He lives off the labor of the ladies. As a life-long player of women, many love him, but he loves only one and she is the one woman he can never have.


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