Blood Melt by Max W. Miller

Blood Melt by Max W. Miller

Avani Darrisaw just wants to lead a normal teen life, but with a father who fights in a secret war and a mother resembling a science fiction goddess, she fears her wish will never come true.  At sixteen, her fears become reality when she discovers she is a descendent from Amarka, an alien planet. Horror replaces fear after a Star Warrior choses her to save him. Seth, a prince of the Amarkarue Hierarchy is trapped in a dying sphere. He has come to join the battle on Earth, but needs Avani’s blood to do so. She has to become a willingly participant in a dangerous blood-exchange ceremony—the Blood Melt.

Avani wants no part of this “Chosen One” designation and cannot understand why her parents feel so honored by this awful thing that has happened to her. They sent for an overweight, shape-shifting school counselor to scare her into attending some training school for freaks. Avani rebels and runs away—not knowing that Seth could transport himself on short trips to Earth to peruse her. 

With mental exhaustion crumbling her will, Avani gives over to her feelings for the gorgeous prince with the honey-brown eyes. It is after her heart declares her love for him that she finds out there is more to the Blood Melt story than even her parents has told. She knew the Amarkarues had come to help their Earth descendants battle against the Walfarian Spikers. She did not know that consenting to the Blood Melt unleashed an assassin assigned to murder her. The odds of surviving the Blood Melt were slim; the odds of surviving a Walfarian assassin were none.  Will Seth and Avani survive the Blood Melt, and if they do, can Seth free himself from his prison in time to save her? 

Editorial Review - Harriett Reynolds
"A good fantasy novel for teens. The author has a wonderfully inventive imagination… Readers will undoubtedly look forward to the next books in the series”

Excerpt from Blood Melt by Max W. Miller
Genre:  Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre


Dizziness overtook her. She was headed face-first for the concrete floor. Her muscles tightened, preparing for something that never happened. All she remembered was a strong, unintimidating grasp circling her waist and then seeing the Star Warrior’s face suspended over hers. Weightless, her body moved through the air. She was in denial as she glided underneath him. They were in a horizontal position and totally gliding through the air.

“Seth,” he said as his amazing honey-brown eyes caught hers. Breathlessness commanded her to stop releasing air—to hold as much inside her lungs as possible. The feeling of her featherweight-gliding body paled in comparison to his overwhelming presence. Without physical touch, he reached into places inside her, places she’d never explored before, places beyond where she would have let him invade, if she had a choice. She’d never experienced helplessness like this and wished it would never happen again. Did she really mean that? she wondered. Never is a long time.

His golden coat surrounded them. Floating through an Amtrak train corridor with a drop-dead gorgeous alien Star Warrior hovering over you was the kind of thing psych wards were made of. From there, it got crazier. He began to look faded and speckled, as if he were changing into . . .

“Oh, no, not you too. Please don’t change into a grizzly bear or a big nasty bloody heart with teeth. Please don’t scare me again.”

“No distress, Avani Darrisaw.”

If anything could make this situation right, it was his words. Yet he continued to change—not into an oversized bloody heart with teeth, but into a new soothing frame. Now he reminded her of what she imagined the inside of a computer’s motherboard would look like—high tech. His body had separated into rays of infinitesimal lights. So cool. She could still tell where his eyes were and trace the image of his body.

“No distress,” he whispered. “Molecular structure alteration commences.”

“Molecular who?”

And that’s when it happened.

“Aaaaah. Aaaaah.” A sensation seized her body, like huge colonies of ants marching inside her flesh. Prickling dull needles annoyed her skin, while her body tingled and itched, as if the colony of ants were carefully pulling it apart cell by cell. Disjointed, she tried to panic, but the trillions of separated cells didn’t know how to panic. What had the Star Warrior done to her?

Drugs. It had to be some kind of spaceman drugs he’d given her. But how? And why would he do that? What did she ever do to him to deserve this? Numb with fear, Avani tried to convince herself that she was walking on a beautiful beach on a sunny day, watching the helpless churning of sand swirling at the will of the wind. She told herself that it wasn’t her body that had separated like his did, that it was just grains of sand on a beach.

She didn’t know how long it had been before the golden coat lifted, leaving her seated back on the same dusty bench she’d slept on half the night. Staring ahead at the same washed-out wall, shocking disbelief set in. Her eyes blinked in a stupor. Had what she thought just happened actually happen? Did the Star Warrior come out of her dreams to protect her from that man, catching her when she was falling?

And what was that feeling of being completely pulled apart all about? How could she see her body disintegrate into so many small pieces until . . . until she was framed out like a faded light show—just like him?

A few deep breaths later, she had regained enough brain power to glance around. She searched for him, Seth. But he had vanished. Over the intercom, she heard the last call for passengers traveling to Spartanburg.

“Oh no!” She stood on wobbling legs. Hobbling to the door, she ran as best she could. Despite her determination to get on the Amtrak, the image of Seth and the words he’d spoken blazed inside her:

“Danger surrounds you, Avani Darrisaw. Consent to have talks with me.”

(  The Story Continues...  ) 

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Meet the Author
Max W. Miller is a writer of Speculative Fiction.  She enjoys creating characters with powers that earthlings cannot scientifically explain away—characters challenging traditional reasoning. Although writing for teens and young adults, Max’s SCI-FI / FANTASY books are enjoyed by all ages.

Born in Savannah Georgia, Max comes from a large family. Presently, she lives in North Carolina. When she’s not writing, Max enjoys spending time with her husband, children, other family members, and friends.

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