2013 SLS Top Books Awards

 2013 SLS Top Books Awards

January 2012 - January 2013
Hosts: Sankofa Literary Society and EDC Creations Media Group

The Sankofa Literary Society and its founder Ella D. Curry are focused on the issues and lifestyles that define today's avid readers — what they read, what they want out of their literature, how they connect to each other, what motivates them and how they feel about their community as a whole. Many have stated, “There is no African American village…it’s dead,” we don’t feel that way. The Village is here, the Village is alive now!   Expand your horizons!  

We are a literary collective of 45 book clubs who want to enrich our global literary community with a diverse selection of quality books and the written word.   Listed below are the books we have read or reviewed by small press publishers, traditional publishers and self-published authors.  Join us today to add your voice and experiences to our union. Come on in, check out our featured books and join this movement to Give the Gift of Knowledge!


While highlighting our heritage, our experiences and delivering our voice–we remain anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of our entire global community, supporting all races. We are not limited solely to reading just African American (AA) authors; we hope to educate our readers by offering a variety of quality literature and resources. We are offering you the best in literature period, from our perspective.

Spread the word...please share this listing with at least 20 people you know! The books below will make excellent gifts all year long.

SLS Top Books Award Winners

* President of the Year Award

* Video Book Trailer of the Year

* Documentary of the Year 

* Book Cover Image of the Year 

* Bloggers of the Year

* Best Event Planners of the Year
1. Curtis Bunn,  National Book Club Conference,  Atlanta, GA
2. Lissa Woodson, Cavalcade of Authors,  Chicago, Illinois
3. Sharon Lucas,  Black Authors & Readers Rock Weekend,  Maryland/DC

* New Authors of the Year
1. Cerece Rennie Murphy author of Order of the Seers
2. Lisa Renee Johnson by Dangerous Consequences
3. Ayana Mathis author of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie  

* Male Authors of the Year
1. Dr. Daniel Black author of Twelve Gates to the City
2. Common author of One Day It'll All Make Sense  
3. Joshua A. McClure author of The Crimson Thread of the Bible

* Female Authors of the Year
1. Jesmyn Ward author of Salvage the Bones: A Novel  
2. Electa Rome Parks author of When Baldwin Loved Brenden
3. Kimberla Lawson Roby author of The Perfect Marriage

* Children's Books of the Year
1.  Acoustic Rooster by Kwame Alexander 
2.  Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith Jr. and Floyd Cooper
3.  Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
4.  Khalil's Way by David Miller
5.  Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes

* Young Adult (YA) Books of the Year
1.  Drama High Super Edition: The Meltdown  by L. Divine
2.  Soul of the Band: Making the Cut by K. L. Brady
3.  Teen Girls Need  L.O.V.E. by S. Dodson
4.  The Girlz of Galstanberry by Garen S. Wolff
5.  The Morgan Love Series by Stephanie Perry Moore and Derrick Moore 

* Non-Fiction and Poetry Books of the Year
1.  Good Self, Bad Self  by Judy Smith  
2.  Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid  by Frank B. Wilderson III 
3.  The New Black (Wesleyan Poetry) by Evie Shockley 
4.  The Road To Redemption by Lucinda Cross
5.  Tuskegee Love Letters by Kim Russell 

* Women's Fiction Novels of the Year
1.  When Morning Comes: A Family Affair Novel by Francis Ray
2.  Angels Landing:A Cavanaugh Island Novel by Rochelle Alers
3.  Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee 
4.  Return to Me: A Remi/Claudia Story by Fiona Zedde (LGBT)
5.  Passing Love by Jacqueline E. Luckett

* Mystery, Drama, Thrillers, Suspense Novels of the Year
1.  Attorney-Client Privilege by Pamela Samuels Young 
2.  Gone Girl: A Novel  by Gillian Flynn
3.  The Confessions of Edward Day by Valerie Martin  
4.  Secrets Unraveled by J.J. Michael
5.  When the Thrill Is Gone by Walter Mosley

* Fiction Books of the Year
1.  Ada's Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel by Alice Randall
2.  Boundaries by Elizabeth Nunez
3.  Come Sunday Morning by Terry E. Hill
4.  Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi 
5.  An Accidental Affair by Eric Jerome Dickey

* Contemporary Fiction Books of the Year
1.  Daddy by Default: A Novel  by Pat Tucker
2.  If I Can't Have You by Mary B. Morrison
3.  Playing the Hand You're Dealt by Trice Hickman
4.  The Family Business by Eric Pete and Carl Weber
5.  A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

* SLS Digital Books of the Year (Our Kindle Favorites)
1.The One by Cheryl Robinson
2. Scandalous by Victoria Christopher Murray
3. Shit, Just Got Real! by Tasha Macklin and Wahida Clark
4. Fire Down Below by Gwynne Forster
5. All He Desires by Brenda Jackson

* Faith-based and Christian Fiction Books of the Year
1.  Anointed by Patricia Haley
2.  Coming Home: A Novel  by Stacy Hawkins Adams
3.  Holy Mayhem by Pat G'Orge-Walker 
4.  Lady Elect by Nikita Lynette Nichols
5.  The Other Side of Goodness by Vanessa Davis Griggs

* Cross-cultural Romance Books of the Year
1.  A Hard Man to Love by Delaney Diamond
2.  If I Could by Donna Hill
3.  Poetry Man by Melanie Schuster 
4.  Sultry in Stilettos by Nana Malone
5.  Ti  Amo by Sienna Mynx 

* Romance and Erotic Novels of the Year
1.  Harlot by Keith Thomas Walker  
2.  If I Had You by Michelle Monkou
3.  Love On the Run by Zuri Day
4.  Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison 
5.  Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 by Zane

* Reality Reads, Urban Lit and LGBT Books of the Year
1.  Animal  by K'wan Foye
2. Hell House by Brenda Hampton  
3.  Playing Games by Kendra Spencer
4.  Redbone by T. Styles
5.  The Butterfly Moments by S. Renee Bess (LGBT)
6.  Stud by Sa'id Salaam 
7.  The Cartel 4: Diamonds are Forever  by Ashley & JaQuavis 
8.  Welfare Grind by Kendall Banks
9.  The Dirty Divorce Part 3: Miss KP
10. Country Boy 3 by Blake Karrington 

UL - Urban Lit
CF - Christian Fiction
NF- Non-fiction
YA/CB - Young Reader; Children Book
LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

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About The Sankofa Literary Society 
The Sankofa Literary Society consists of  authors, librarians, 80 established bloggers,  44 nurses, 15 independent bookstores, 2 online bookstores,  45 reviewing book clubs and 4 social networks, sponsored by EDC Creations Media Group. The SLS has over 2,700 members total,  with 900 of those members coming from book clubs. We're actively reviewing upcoming books in all genres including non-fiction, young adult, children, religious and paranormal genres.  

Our reviews come in the form of written reviews posted on this site and online book retailers, on Facebook and by sending an announcement to EDC Creations 152,000 newsletter list.   We also offer audio book reviews through BAN Radio show and video reviews with BPM TV.  Reviews remain on the Black Pearls Magazine blog indefinitely and can be easily found linked to each appropriate book page.

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