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Black Books Weekend Treasure Hunt

Black Books Weekend Literary Treasure Hunt

Black Books Weekend, is a totally ONLINE book festival.  Black Books Weekend will open Black Friday, November 23-26, 2012 on The Black Authors Network Online Radio Show.  We are playing a literary treasure hunt.  Visit all of the websites below to find each "gem" as your answers!  Compile a complete collection of correct answers to win fabulous book gifts during Black Books Weekend. The game will be played November 23-26, 2012 and you must be in the BAN chatroom.


*You must be present and logged into the BAN Radio chatroom when the questions are posted.  Go here to register AND to enter the BAN Radio Show chatroom each night:

The first person to post the correct answer for each "gem" will win a book or a instant ebook download. If you are a winner, email Ella Curry immediately at this email address:  with your favorite genre of boo…

Havoc on a Homewrecker by Mz. Robinson

Havoc on a Homewrecker by Mz. Robinson
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Finding a man has never been a problem for Toi Underwood. Finding a man who understands and respects her devotion to her career, lack of availability, and need for her me time is another story. Toi is so career driven that when she meets a man she either intimidates him or she pisses him off.

When Toi meets Carlton Thomas she begins to think that her prayers have been answered. Not only is Carlton attractive, he’s hardworking and understands her busy lifestyle. He’s patient and respects that Toi can’t be readily available to him due to other commitments. After all, he has his own extracurricular activities. Toi thinks she has met her match until she discovers that one of Carlton ’s extracurricular activities, just so happens to be another woman—his wife, Lisa.

Toi knows in her heart that walking away is the best option, but sometimes the right thing to do is al…

Still Grindin' and Welfare Grind by Kendall Banks

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Book 2- Still Grindin' by Kendall Banks
Keema is back and dirtier than ever in this sequel to bestselling novel, Welfare Grind. After oddly maneuvering her way out of the blood bath she left behind in Arizona, Keema is up to her old tricks again. Between sex, greed and murder it s almost impossible to escape from the hood life she s grown accustomed to. From one scam to the next, she finally comes up with a new hustle that rains money and is sure to give her the riches she thinks she deserves.  

That is until someone from her past emerges sending her into mental shock. The stakes become high as Keema fights for her life, still with her mind on her money. While stacking paper Keema also stacks enemies...old and new. Unfortunately for her, her street savvy mentality may not be enough to get her off this time.

ISBN-10: 1934230413
ISBN-13: 978-1934230411

Mr. Right Now by author Terri D.

Mr. Right Now by author Terri D.
Available Friday, November 23, 2012

Mr. Right Now highlights the life of one of my main characters, Toni Summerfield  who appears in my previous novels Yesterday’s Lies and Today’s Truth.Toni is the type of woman that so many women can relate to.  Abandoned by her father and raised by a single mother who always chose her boyfriend of the moment over her own child.  Toni looks for love in all the wrong places.  She meets her soul mate, Benjamin and believes they will live happily ever after.  When Benjamin the only man she allowed into her heart vanishes she is lost, alone and hurting.  Mr. Right Now speaks directly to every woman who has ever asked herself this question.  Will I ever find my Mr. Right?
Looking for a fresh start Toni decides to move to a new city hoping to leave her painful past behind her. Mr. Right Now takes you through Toni’s adventures and relationship challenges as she navigates through healing from her past and preparing for her f…

Land of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Land of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Her biggest sin was her squandered promise.
Death of her mother and town martyr, Madame Ava Lucas brings Rebecca Lucas back to a land she would rather forget where she reunites with the only one man who has dared to love her as a true friend. Fifteen years later, that man, William Donovan is now the assistant Pastor of Grace Apostle Methodist Church adjacent to her family’s home estate. He’s devoted to helping Rebecca heal old wounds and rediscover her passion when she returns home. What they do not expect is in settling her mother’s estate that they would unearth a generational curse that threatens to dismantle their carefully built love affair.

The Land of Promiscuity is a crazy twist of unrequited love that will leave you wondering whether there are circumstances that make it impossible for even love to survive. 

The Land of Promiscuity deals with generational curses and forgiveness.Listen to the reading and share with friends:  http://www…

Calvin’s Trick or Treat by Tucker Davis

Calvin’s Trick or Treat by Tucker Davis
Book 2 in the Chasing Love Series

Every player can be played.

With his recent promotion, accommodating women and fun loving personality, Calvin Jameson was enjoying life to the fullest.  But his life is turned upside down the minute he reads a text from Tricia Martin, a woman with whom he spent two blissful weeks.  Tricia’s text proclaiming she is pregnant and Calvin is the father sent his life into a downward spiral.  Calvin shouts to the world the unborn baby is not his. So why does he pretend to be engaged to Tricia when his heart has latched onto Amber Kennedy?  Is this all a trick, if so, who is tricking whom?

Amber Kennedy desired a man to love her and her only with all the passion she read about in novels.  Calvin Jameson’s reputation preceded him, which is why Amber wanted to run and hide the second she laid eyes on Calvin the first day of her defensive driving class.  However, her feet, eyes and heart planted her in place, hoping he was the…

Perfectly Designed by Daphne Douglas

Perfectly Designed by Daphne Douglas

What will Nikki do when her mind doesn’t remember, but her body does?  

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Architect Nikki Phillips awakens from a coma with no memory of the past three years.  She believes she is in a three year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, basketball star DaJuan Spencer, but in reality she is engaged to Trey Williams – her high school crush and the most gorgeous man she has ever seen.  Despite having no memory of a romantic relationship with the sexy veterinarian, Nikki can’t ignore the erotic visions she has of Trey making love to her or how her body tingles all over when he is near. 

Devastated by the current situation, Trey is determined to help Nikki regain her memory.  He supports her and shows her a love she has never known.  DaJuan on the other hand, has fought hard to get Nikki back after destroying their relation.  He feels lucky that circumstances have provided hi…

A Blessing and A Curse by Author Andrea Clinton

A Blessing and A Curse 
by Andrea Clinton
In "A Blessing and A Curse" Malika has the life every woman wants, a hard working husband who makes it happen financially; kids, both adopted as well as biological; her career as an artist with partners who own an art gallery; nice house, nice neighbors and the gift of foresight.

Malika couldn't ask for much more, until her gift of sight and infrequent ability to read minds opened her up to her husband's disgust, followed by his uncaring desire to leave her. She can't figure it out, what has gone wrong? But a well needed vacation helps her find her worth but to what detrimental end?

Malika finds a different type of groove in her story,  A Blessing and A Curse. 

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ISBN-10: 0981837646
ISBN-13: 978-0981837642
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Ebook Download:  Red Dollar by Andrea Clinton.  Listen to the reading and share with friends:…

Attorney-Client Privilege by Pamela Samuels Young

Attorney-Client Privilege
by Pamela Samuels Young
A brutal murder, missing documents and an unscrupulous opposing counsel lead attorney Vernetta Henderson on a quest for justice—and ultimately—revenge.

The hotshot L.A. lawyer takes on a corporation with a long history of discriminating against women. While Vernetta simply wants justice for her clients, the corporation’s hired gun wants to win . . . and she doesn’t care how. On the home front, Vernetta’s infamous sidekick Special has finally found true love. But is the price more than she’s willing to pay?

Attorney-Client Privilege by Pamela Samuels Young. Legal Thriller/Mystery
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Attorney-Client Privilege Book  Reviews:

“Attorney-Client Privilege is a page-turning, rip-roaring, plot-driven examination of American jurisprudence and its effect on people who have no power. Read this novel. You won't regret it."– Scott Pratt, Author of the Joe Dillard Series


Strings of Color by Marian L. Thomas

Strings of Color
by Marian L. Thomas 
Life can grab a hold of you like captivating strings of color. It is a lesson that four women will learn as they each travel down a journey filled with lies, betrayal, and shocking secrets.

Simone. Is immensely talented, yet everything she has ever known will be ripped apart. Her love will be tested. Her heart will call out for a strength that could only exist in moments like this, and her tears will carry her through the storm. Will she be able to give her heart to the love of her life while fighting to open her heart to a mother she has never known?

Naya. While facing her greatest loss, will she be able to find the key to strength, the will to continue on, and the endurance to make it through one of the darkest moments in her life?

Monà. Within her heart is a secret so deep that it could shake the very foundations of two lives. Will she be able to finally look into the eyes of a daughter she has only known from a distance?

Misty. Two p…

Taylor-Made by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Taylor-Made by Sherryle Kiser Jackson
A young couple is forced to face their past through the mirror of marriage. Pamela “Pill” Jones was raised in poverty by her older sister and always craved “the good life.” Today she’s a successful hairstylist, but she and her husband Corey’s income doesn’t cover all the material goods she buys, and they soon find themselves struggling to climb out of deep debt. As Corey bears the brunt of their money problems, Pill just keeps spending. Now Corey’s feeling strained and he can’t deal.

Corey is also trying to figure out who he is, but all he sees in front of them are issues, with no end in sight. He asks Pill to join him for Marriage Maintenance classes and hopes with a little faith they can get their marriage back on track. But will Pill get on board—even if it means “going without” again?

When materialistic Pill’s husband asks her to join him for Marriage Maintenance classes, he hopes they can get their marriage back on track. But will …

Freeman by Leonard Pitts Jr.

Freeman is a love story--sweeping, generous, brutal, compassionate, patient--about the feelings people were determined to honor, despite the enormous constraints of the times. It is this aspect of the book that should ensure it a strong, vocal, core audience of African-American women, who will help propel its likely critical acclaim to a wider audience. At the same time, this book addresses several themes that are still hotly debated today, some 145 years after the official end of the Civil War.

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Freeman, the new novel by Leonard Pitts, Jr., takes place in the first few months following the Confederate surrender and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Upon learning of Lee's surrender,  Sam--a runaway slave who once worked for the Union Army--decides to leave his safe haven in Philadelphia and set out on foot to return to the war-torn South. What compels him on this almost-suicidal cou…