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Shelia M. Goss: Delilah - When Love Deceives Online Tour

Intimate Conversation with Shelia M. Goss

Shelia M. Goss is the Essence Magazine & Black Expressions Book Club Best-Selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are Thorns, Paige’s Web, Double Platinum, His Invisible Wife, Hollywood Deception and the teen series The Lip Gloss Chronicles. Delilah is her tenth novel and first Christian fiction novel. To learn more, visit her website:

BPM: Tell us about your passion for writing. What impact do you want your book to make on the readers? My passion for writing blossomed after meeting Maya Angelou my freshman year in high school. I was shy growing up and writing was one form of me expressing myself. Writing is a part of me and even if I didn't have any books published, I would still be writing. I want my books to inspire and encourage others on this journey we call life.

BPM: Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers... It's a doorway into relationships during my tim…

Add Black to Your Shopping Cart

Add Black to Your Shopping Cart this Holiday Season
By Shelia M. Goss

This holiday season why not buy books for gifts. Whether the person likes Christian fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, mysteries, science fiction or non-fiction, there’s a book out there to fit a variety of tastes. While doing your shopping don’t forget about picking up books by people of color. Many books by African-Americans and other nationalities sometimes go unnoticed unless it’s part of pop culture. Gems can be overlooked simply because you may not be familiar with their works.

How can you help spread the word about books by African-American authors?
Simple. Just tell a friend.

•Link to the authors website

•Link directly to the book

•Mention some of the books on your online network–i.e., Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

•Discuss alternate books at your book club meetings

•If you have a blog, do link exchanges or guest blog posts.

These are just a few suggestions. Be creative.

Black Pearls Magazine ( ht…

Thankful to be Counted by Electa Rome Parks

Thankful to be Counted Amongst the Living! by Electa Rome Parks
I’m so thankful that my reality doesn’t have to be my destiny. I’m so thankful that I have a fire that burns deep within. I’m so thankful that all I have to do is listen and he will speak. I’m so thankful that all I have to do is ask and then I will receive. I’m thankful God moves through me which enables me to move people.

I am a worry-wart.

I always have been and probably will remain so until the day I take my final breath. It is what it is. Ironically, I don’t worry that I am a worrywart. Possessing that title has its rich rewards. For one, I’m always on my “A” game---making sure I cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s. There is always a Plan B in place, just in case Plan A doesn’t work out.

So. . . the spill-off or residue from being a worrywart is that I’m super organized and highly efficient in most all I do. I try to retain control in all I do, as much to the degree that is possible. You guys read between the lines. Ok…

REWIND: Summary of Black Books Weekend Events

Black Books Weekend opened Black Friday, November 26, 2010 with live readings and live Twitter/Facebook chats with 80+ of the most talented writers on the shelves, from all genres. This was one of our best bookclub appreciation weekends yet!  We showcased several bookclubs at Black Pearls Magazine for the December, Christmas/Holiday Edition. Check out all the bookclubs, here.

Summary of the Weekend Events:  We had exactly 747 live callers, a total of 397 chatroom guests and visitors and a total of 19,781 RSS feed downloads of the shows as of Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. I would like to personally say  "thank you"  to each of you who posted to your network about the show and included Twitter, Facebook and Myspace in the coverage!  You Rock! We did it!

Listen to the Black Books Weekend archive, HERE.

The 3rd Annual Black Books Weekend, hosted by Ella Curry of EDC Creations featured four nights of readings and discussions with noted authors, bookclubs and poets. Our mission was to c…

Excerpt: Captured Hearts by Sherlyn Powell

Captured Hearts by Sherlyn Powell

Sylvia Masters is a hot fifty-two year old widow and CEO of The Masters Investment Group. After her husband passed, her focus turned to raising their three children and getting the company her husband started ranked among the Fortune 500.

Lieutenant Julian Reynolds is on the scene to inform her of the murder of her former fiancée, Addison Lockwood. When the Lieutenant goes to the Masters’ home to question Sylvia he is blown away by her beauty. Her looks and strong personality inspire Lieutenant Reynolds to solve the case and pursue the woman of his dreams.

When Sylvia offers the Lieutenant a cup of coffee their hands touch and their eyes lock. After a tumultuous beginning, Julian summons up the courage to ask Sylvia to dinner. Problem: Julian is ten years younger and Sylvia isn’t interested in being labeled a Cougar.

Refusing the Lieutenant’s invitation, Sylvia is flattered that this much younger man who is also fine is obviously interested in her. T…

Excerpt Completely Whole by Paulette Harper

Completely Whole by Paulette Harper

 Life's daily struggles can often leave us perplexed and bewildered on how to cope with hard issues. In COMPLETELY WHOLE, Paulette Harper offers keys to help those who are searching for answers that can lead to a life of complete wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Body. COMPLETELY WHOLE focuses on how to overcome suffering caused by alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, and other obstacles blocking the path to a life of wholeness.
Praise for Completely Whole by Paulette Harper
Completely Whole was written with a hint of personal experiences, meant to create a lasting touch on the hearts of those who read the pages. As I read through the book, I got the sense that Ms. Harper wanted everyone to know that there is a process to becoming whole, and there should be a desire to becoming  Completely Whole.  In times as such as we live, will the need arise for us to check in with ourselves, and see what level of authenticity we are operating from?  Ms. Harper w…

Excerpt: True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks

True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks
Twenty-eight year old Kennedy Logan is gorgeous, educated, talented, and in love. Unfortunately, Drake Collins has other ideas about the true state of their relationship. Kennedy hopes to turn him around; Drake just wants to turn her out sexually. Kennedy is also searching for her biological mother, who gave her up at birth. She wants answers and she has tons of questions. The enormous weight of these predicaments leads to a failed suicide attempt.

Her overprotective and overbearing mother, Dorothy Logan, moves in with Kennedy and makes it her mission to get her daughter's life back in order. The first step is getting rid of Drake Collins once and for all, but that's easier said than done. Drake has no intentions of going anywhere. Kennedy's ever loyal and fun-loving best friend, Taylor, and her absentee father join forces to help support Kennedy in her time of need.

At her psychiatrist's advice, Kennedy uses writing as her therapy.…

STAY IN YOUR LANE: Judge Karen’s Guide to Living Your Best Life

STAY IN YOUR LANE Judge Karen Mills-Francis: Guide to Living Your Best Life

Ballantine One World is thrilled to publish Judge Karen Mills-Francis’ first book, STAY IN YOUR LANE: Judge Karen’s Guide to Living Your Best Life  (One World Hardcover; September 7, 2010), a collection of life lessons culled from her more than thirteen years of experience as criminal defense attorney, a respected family court judge of Miami-Dade County, and the star of the popular syndicated program, “Judge Karen.” She will launch a new nationally syndicated courtroom program, “Judge Karen’s Court,” produced by Litton Entertainment, set to air in all major markets across the country.
Fans of Judge Karen know the phrase “Stay in Your Lane” is one of her favorites, and she believes that within us all sits the moral compass to find our direction when we are lost. In STAY IN YOUR LANE, Judge Karen delivers a collection of tried-and-true advice in her signature witty, practical, compassionate style that made her a su…

Intimate Conversation with author BJ Brown

Intimate Conversation with author BJ Brown

A graduate of NC A&T SU,  BJ Brown began his amateur writing career penning reviews for BJ has published individual poems with The Poetry Place,, and Poet's Ink. In 2007 he published his first poetry book entitled Diary Of An Affair via PublishAmerica. He recently released his first chapbook, Grey/Blue, on As a freelance critic, he also writes for, Heed Magazine, and
What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book? All my life, I've written poetry as a way to express the emotion that I am experiencing at any given point and time. In the past it was typically how I expressed my love or infatuation with someone. Well, when I went through my divorce and my affair, I was filled with more emotion than I could have ever wished for. I found myself writing poetry just to keep my sanity at times. At the same time as all of this was reading differen…

Poetic Expressions: The World Goes Around by Allen Kai Ho Reyes

The World Goes Around  by Allen Kai Ho Reyes

As one continues to meet new kinsman
Some of the new become good companions
Others become mere associates and acquaintances
Still others are passerby in life maintenance

Whatever the being
Whatever your actuality
Whatever the eventuality
Whatever your reality
Whatever your spirituality

Thank the Creator for allowing us to touch each other
Thank God for allowing us to learn about self through others
We're spirits and souls in time and space passing one another

We're in a shared journey as one world brood
Keep the peace as our stream flows one blood

One love blanketing one ground
As the world goes around.

© Allen Kai Ho Reyes

Poetic Expression: Happiness by Opal Craine

Happiness by Opal Craine

It’s when you know how to enjoy the small moments in everyday; it’s appreciating the randomness of it all in every way.

It’s the jolly you feel from a good hard laugh, the refreshing feeling of a good hot bath,

It’s good conversation over dinner for two, it’s someone you love saying I love you too.

It’s being enlightened by a beautiful mind, expressions of gratitude towards an act that’s kind.

It’s the cataract victims’ brand new sight-enjoying the beauty of a full moon’s light.

It’s cancer hiding its face in remission, a good man taking your daughter’s hand with permission.

It’s working hard to lose the excess weight, finally getting compliments and being asked out on dates.

It’s conception for the woman who’d been unable to conceive or a goal that was reached that seemed impossible to achieve.

It’s the experience of staring death straight in the face, renewing your strength and finding you place.

It’s a timely sermon from your favorite preacher, the sense of…

Terrance Dean Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

Q&A with Terrance Dean, author of Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

About Straight From Your Gay Best Friend by Terrance Dean A sassy, funny, and soulful advice guide for straight women from the vantage point of a gay man.
In today’s society every woman needs a gay best friend—someone who gives it to her straight about life, clothes, sex, and relationships. From the inner city to suburbia, a gay best friend has become the new must-have for women.
Terrance Dean can be your new gay best friend. In Straight From Your Gay Best Friend he gives women terrific insights and advice on some of life’s most challenging issues—family, friends, career, love, sex, and intimate relationships. Dean offers direct and to-the-point perspectives, mixed with a little sass, wit, humor, forwardness, and spirituality, as only a gay man can do.
Dean also dedicates a chapter to the most controversial topic in the black community—down-low gay men. He writes, “I am often asked by women, ‘How can I tell if my ma…

Workshops: Empowering Single Mothers Raising Male Children Alone

Raising Him Alone Workshops for Single Mothers Kick-Off Philadelphia, PA

The Urban Leadership Institute, Residential After-School Program and the Institute for Interactive Instruction are pleased to announce the Raising Him Alone Campaign (RHAC). The campaign seeks to create a larger community dialogue around the importance of supporting single mothers who are raising boys. With generous funding from the Open Society Institute’s Campaign for Black Male Achievement the Raising Him Alone Campaign has created a national platform to support single mothers raising boys in some of the toughest communities throughout this country.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010 the campaign kicks off the first of many workshops to be held in Philadelphia, PA and will continue through June 2011. The campaign has partnered with a host of recognized organizations in the area to help mobilize mothers who are raising sons. BAEO- Philadelphia, Black Male Development…