Intimate Conversation with Cachet Wells

Intimate Conversation with author Cachet Wells

Author Cachet Wells was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a freelance writer and published author, her writings focus on inspiration and empowerment while Wells uses her experiences in illness, heartache and adultery to impart encouragement through an intimate relationship with Christ. She is the founder of Women Of Righteous Distinction whose central purpose is to encourage, empower and educate women to live a life that is spiritually rooted in Christ and represents the virtuous woman of God they are created to be.

What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
The things that make me powerful as a person and a writer would be strength and faith. The ability to know that God has empowered me beyond my ability with his strength impact lives. Using the lessons that I’ve learned and the things I’ve encountered through illness, pain, heartache and adultery to help others remain committed to faith in God, stand firm in God and trust in His promises that they may become a better person through wiser choices. Choosing to be lead in all things by my faith in God and choosing to live the life I speak of by the steps that I make. The faith that keeps me fulfilled, sustained and committed to do that which He alone has purposed me to do for His glory. Powered by the inner strength that I’ve gained by choosing to be the victim no more.    

How much of what you write reflects on your outlook on life?
The issues, concerns and reflections that are expressed in my writings are a compilation of my outlook on life, the perceptions viewed through my heart and a direct insight of how they are revealed to me through my faith in Christ. Totally sold on the fact that nothing happens by accident or coincidence, but the strategic move of the Master who has ultimately created us for a specific purpose to be accomplish in a time of His own choosing. Everything that we go through, encounter and are thrusted into is because there is something for us to accomplish in it, so everything I write is a true reflection of how I view it in my life.

Who are your mentors? Where do you find your inspiration?
I find guidance through my parents and my spiritual mentors that assist and encourage me to be true to the directed leading of God in my writings. Being inspired by my family, friends and ministry to unveil the issues that affect us as Christians are the most important motivators for me.

What three elements complete a formula for Happiness, Success or Freedom?
Love, Peace and Faith are three elements that are essential to living a life complete with happiness, success and freedom. Love allows us to unconditionally look for the good in all. Loving others regardless to what they do or don’t do because Christ did the same tor me when I didn’t feel the need to do so. Peace gives me the assurance to know that in spite of what things look like, feel like or are perceived to be I still have that inner strength of assurance that all is well. Faith that keeps me sustained in all situations and obstacles that may arise in my life. Fulfilled by the promises of God to be what I need, when I need Him to be and that He’s the one that will empower me to overcome and succeed.

Finish this sentence:  My writing offers the following legacy to future readers...
My writings offer a legacy of truly being empowered to live solely for Christ. It takes you beyond the myth of religion to relationship. It guides you through everyday situations and teaches you how to live faithful to your beliefs. Not compromising them to fit into the box of religion, but stay connected to the Father because of a real relationship with Him by the choices we choose to make.

Introduce readers to book “
Eyes Of The Heart.”  Take us inside the book. New Book for all Women Of Righteous Distinction Features Meditations, Inspirational Thoughts and Reflections that Will Guide Readers on a Journey of Transformation, Self-Discovery and Healing.
Imagine taking a journey and with every mile you travel the anticipation of what’s to come gets greater and greater. That’s how it is on this journey we call life. With every step you take, you’re drawn closer to God and all that He has purposed for you. With each moment of living, we should be seeking to maintain an intimate relationship with the Father.

Eyes Of The Heart  takes you through the process of transformation as you journey to true wholeness in Christ. Understand how to rid the bonds of every yoke of defeat and replace it with the love of the Father through the heart’s view. The meditations, inspirations, and reflections shared in this book were compiled together on Wells’ personal voyage that enabled her to stand firm in God.

Journey with me as the chains of the oppressor are removed, burdens lifted, and the healing begins. Look past your current situations to overcome those circumstances with the help of the Father. With each moment of living, you should be seeking to maintain an intimate relationship with Him. His peace, joy, and love cover a multitude of problems that you may face, allowing you to conquer them.

What are two major events taking place in Eyes Of The Heart ?
Two of the major events taking place in this book from my own personal experience, which is what I want readers to go away with are Forgiveness and Healing. When someone has wronged us forgiving them is not for them, but for us. It is that which ignites the beginning of the healing process. It aids in releasing the pain and hurt of what has happened to us. Healing which is a continual process to restore us back to a place of peace, joy and love so that God get all the glory.

What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
What prompted me to write this book was my personal experience through illness, pain, heartache and adultery. Learning how to now live my life as a wife, mother and stay committed to my faith as a disabled woman taught me how to be strong against the odds of what people thought I could was one motivator. Finding out that after 15 years of marriage my husband had been secretly been unfaithful to me which lead to months of abuse because of it was my greatest motivator. Deciding that I could no longer sit and be the victim, but see myself overcoming it for not just me but for my kids became that which pushed me into purpose by fighting for me.

Who do you want to reach with your book, Eyes Of The Heart  and the message within?
This is book is for all those who have been affected my love, pain, hurt, heartache, illness, infidelity or abused. Those who have been silent about their  burdens and things that have oppressed them so much to feel like they have no voice. Those who have been quiet so long that they can’t imagine seeing themselves overcoming that which has had them silent and bound.

What are some of their specific issues, needs or problems addressed in this book?
Many of the writings in this book cover issues with family, Christian living, Illness, Marriage, Adultery, Children and Faithfulness to your relationship with Christ.  Recognizing that when we put God first in our lives all the other things that are important to us will line up.

How will reading your book shape the readers lives?
The author entices readers to journey with her as the chains of the oppressor are removed, burdens lifted and the healing begins. She encourages them to look past their current situations to overcome those circumstances with the help of the Father. With each moment of living each one should be seeking to maintain an intimate relationship with Him. His peace, joy and love covers a multitude of problems that people may face which allows them to conquer.

What was the most powerful message in the book?
One of the most powerful messages is “Like Mary” because it is a true testament of how we should be totally surrendered to the Lord. Regardless to where we are, whose around or what the reason for being in a particular place, God is first and we should respect, honor and worship Him for that. When we give ourselves totally to Him, He will forever give himself unto us in whatever capacity we need Him.


What do you think makes your book different from others on the same subject?
Openly allowing myself to be truthful of personal experiences that I endured so that others could see that they were not alone in the things they too are dealing with. This book takes you through a journey so with every page I wanted to make an impact on the lives of those who would read it. The messages and design of the book makes it different than any other.

Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?

Share with us your latest news. How can our readers reach you online?
God has favored me to have many doors opened since the release of the book. I will be a featured guest on Destiny Empowerment blog radio. I will also be in the upcoming Stage Play “Side Effects….Hurting people, Hurt people” in Coral Springs, Florida.
I can be contacted by email at You can also follow me on Facebook, MySpace and on my blog:
Please check out the book’s website at: or to purchase book and view excerpt pages. .

The ultimate goal that I want readers to gain from “Eyes of the Heart” is to self awareness of themselves. Realizing that they are worthy of living a life full of happiness not just through the eyes of Christ, but their very own.