A Godly Marriage by Arnita L. Fields

God gave man an awesome role to cover his wife and to band around his home.
The husband's presence in the home, lets the whole world know that he takes
his position seriously, and that God has given him control.

His wife respects and praises him and neither are ashamed.
There's total peace in their home and no shifting of any blame.

The husband loves his wife and cherishes her with all of his heart.
He teaches his children God's statures to give them a godly start.

He is the priest of the home and a good provider too.
He manages his affairs with integrity, as a Godly man should do.

The husband does not allow outside forces to come in to disrupt his home.
Even with small concerns he does not try to handle them alone.

He and his wife share and are honest from their start.
They open up their extra baggage and also the doors to their very hearts.

Their marriage is a success as Godly marriages should be.
With obedience, faith and their special love with God the Father

Poems taken from the book, "And the Beat Goes On, Includes Poems from a Restored Marriage" Copies can be purchased from the following websites.  Purchases books at  www.amazon.com  and  www.barnesandnoble.com 

Arnita L. Fields
, a woman after God's own heart, has been blessed with the opportunity to write and publish four books of Christian poetry to date. She is currently working on her first novel and a new poetry collection which both will be released late 2010.

Because of her passion and desire to see marriages operating in God's divine order, Arnita has returned to school to get a degree in Psychology and Marriage Counseling so she will be better equipped to help couples move past the hindrances that seek to destroy marriages today.

To contact Arnita you may email her at arnitafields@yahoo.com  or you may reach her on her Face book, Twitter and My Space pages.

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