Without Permission: Resource Guide for Sexual Abuse Victims

Author Sharon R. Wells Draws on Her Past
to Create a Resource Guide for Sexual Abuse Victims

Last year was a landmark year for Sharon R. Wells. One year ago she created a business called Angel Wings Publications, LLC, and a website designed to empower and educate victims who suffer a wide range of repercussions resulting from sexual abuse.

Today she celebrates the one-year anniversary of her organization at the same time that she anticipates the publication of her first book, "Without Permission." "Without Permission" is a candidly-written story of the many problems Wells has suffered, all of them the result of the sexual abuse she experienced as a child.

Book and Website Helps Victims, Friends and Families Struggling with the Effects of Sexual Abuse

The mission of her website and her book is both simple and critically important - to build the awareness that can help prevent sexual abuse in the future.

"I decided to open up and tell my story in the hopes that it may help spare others the pain of sexual abuse," Wells stated. "I have had the opportunity to speak at a few panel discussions. I look forward to other such speaking engagements in the future. My most important goal is to encourage victims to break their silence and begin to heal. I also hope to educate and inform people so that they may recognize the various signs of potential abuse and hopefully prevent other children from becoming victims too."

She has published her introduction along with the first chapter of "Without Permission" on her website as a free resource to people needing help. For people who wish to know her entire story, the book will soon be available at http://www.angelwingspublications.com/  for $15.

"It is my fondest hope that 'Without Permission' will inform people about the effects of sexual abuse and encourages sexual abuse survivors to heal," said Wells. "I also believe my website can be a wonderful resource for victims and the people who love them. If my book and website can make a difference in just one person's life, then it will all be worth it."

Further information about Sharon R. Wells, her website and "Without Permission" is available online at http://www.angelwingspublications.com.  



Sharon R. Wells
, is a writer, entrepreneur, survivor and advocate of sexual abuse prevention and awareness. It has been her determination, unwavering faith and perseverance that has helped her to overcome many challenging obstacles in her life. She has written heartfelt, spiritual and inspirational essays during her healing journey.

This has inspired her to create Angel Wings Publications, LLC, to help victims find strength, hope and courage to begin their healing process. Sharon presently works as an executive liaison for a prestigious fortune five hundred company located in New York City. Over the past few years, she has achieved a certification in Human Resource Management and is also a certified rape crisis advocate.

Book Excerpt: Without Permission A Spiritual Journey of Healing

"Without Permission" is my personal story of how I have survived child sexual abuse and my journey towards healing, forgiveness and finding inner-peace.

As I look back at the turbulence in my life which stemmed from sexual abuse, it lead me down a path of self-destructive behavior. It included drug abuse, relationship and trust issues with family and friends. Not to mention, the long list of typical effects that this particular type of abuse tends to spawn.

In addition, are stories of courageous survivors who share their stories on how they have overcome their trauma and began to heal. The stories of victims may differ in various ways, but the root of the problem is still the same. I share these thoughts with those who seek comfort and closure. This problem can torment the victim from childhood throughout their adult lives. This is a sensitive issue, and for those who have been affected, this may open a door where you find courage to seek help and support. This is an issue that must be addressed, and up until now, has had a lack of exposure. It is time to unveil the secrets without shame or fear, and trust that God will help you find inner peace.

Angel Wings Publications, LLC
Sharon R. Wells, Author & Founder
P.O. Box 96
Vauxhall, NJ 07088


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