Seduction of Mr. Bradley by Minnie Estelle Miller

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Ted Grassley adopts and mentors Bill Bradley from high school to manhood. Ted is a CEO with deep pockets. Although married for forty years, he is bisexual. Bill, caught in the throws of Ted’s lifestyle, complicates matters when he meets Jina Cook, a straight, attractive young lady. The two feel an instant attraction toward each other but both try to pretend it is not happening. Finally, Jina makes the first move and Bill knows he can't live without this woman. Unfortunately, Bill has a big secret; he is bisexual and finds himself torn between Jina and Ted, his male lover and father figure. Deep inside Bill wants a regular life with a wife and children but guilt makes him think twice. This spontaneous and deeply gratifying tryst throws him off balance. What happens when Mr. Bradley reveals his bisexuality to the only woman he’s ever loved? An emotional war. The Seduction of Mr. Bradley is a moving and powerful story of love, humankind, secrets and discovery.

Book Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars; Down Low No More?
Review written by Donielle R. of APOOO BookClub
This review is from: The Seduction of Mr. Bradley (Paperback)

Bill Bradley is a good-looking, charming, and hard-working public relations professional but his world is about to be turned upside down in Minnie E. Miller's novel, The Seduction of Mr. Bradley. Jina Cook is an author in need of a public relations representative and Bill wants to be all that and more. In Jina, Bill has met the woman that could turn his world inside out and make him flip the script - literally. Bill is bisexual and when he falls in love with Jina, he becomes torn between the only woman he has ever loved and Ted, the man who has not only been his lover, but his friend and mentor as well. Ted has always been there for Bill. Bill has a heavy burden. How does he deal with the guilt and choose between the woman he loves and the man who has given him so much? And will Jina stay by his side when she finds out his secret?

In The Seduction of Mr. Bradley, Minnie E. Miller weaves an interesting tale that takes us into the lifestyle of a bisexual male. The characters in this story are well developed and realistic. Even if you do not approve of a gay, bisexual, or "down-low" lifestyle, you will find yourself rooting for Bill as simply a human being trying to find what is really in his heart. The imagery and detail were on point and emotions were high in this novel. You will be glued to the page wondering how it all comes together. Be ready to be surprised. I am very interested to find out what else Ms. Miller has in store for these characters.
---Reviewed by Donielle, APOOO BookClub

Book Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars; A Very Complicated Love StoryThis review is from: The Seduction of Mr. Bradley (Paperback)

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley by Chicago author Minnie E. Miller tells a very different kind of love story, a love story complicated by preferences. These particular preferences are not always understood or accepted by society and that is where it gets complicated.

Bill Bradley a bisexual man falls in love with Jina Cook, a straight woman. Mr. Bradley had no intention of falling for Jina, but he was seduced by her good looks, her sensuality and her honesty and innocence. He was also drawn in by the simplicity of her love. Jina had no idea that Bill was bisexual. He knew that once she found out, that he could lose her forever. Would Jina trust his love enough to believe that he could change? Bill was not so sure.

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley is a relationship novel. The twist is that this work of fiction explores the complexity of bisexuality from a man's point of view without pages and pages of illicit sex and lust. The sex scenes in this novel are done tastefully. Miller was more interested in putting a human face on men who are attracted to both women and other men,. The author did not sensationalize the subject, but sought, it seemed to explain who these men are. These men have been hated, despised and misunderstood while so many men who have been discovered on the "down low" have come out of the closet. Bill Bradley's story is being played out all over this country, in more instances than we know or imagine. Finally someone tells the story in a way that brings truth and reality to the forefront. It's a story told with compassion.

I found that I could not dislike Mr. Bradley; although I truly disliked his lifestyle. His character was just like any other African American male who worked hard at getting to the top of his game as a public relations professional. He was kind, gentle and caring. Bill was good people. He opened his own PR firm with the help of his older lover and mentor, Ted Grassley whom he was linked with until he met and fell in love with Jina Cook, a client who hired him to promote her book. Bill's struggle to find the true desires of his heart is explored in this novel. It is a story that makes you re-think your opinions on alternative lifestyles.

Set in Chicago, the author took great care to detail the setting well. You could just picture the places that the characters visited, the structure of the buildings, the surroundings in their living spaces and landmark spots in the Windy City. Miller also gave you secondary characters that you came to like and care about. Bill's best friend and confidante, Samara and her Aunt Mamie, another one of Bill clients, were well developed characters who added to the storyline.

How Bill and Jina dealt with his differences and how a family secret from her past contributed to Jina's reaction to Bill's sexuality brings the book to an unexpected ending. I really liked The Seduction of Mr. Bradley and I would recommend this book to those who would enjoy a love story, a love story this is full of humanity and truth.
---Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah for

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