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Intimate Conversation with author Dawn James

Intimate Conversation with Vibrational Healer Dawn James

Dawn James is a vibrational healer, teacher, speaker and writer. Her parents discovered she was an empathic intuit at age three. Later, as a teenager, she began having precognitive dreams that continued into adulthood. Dawn conducts workshops and speaks throughout Canada and the U.S. on matters relating to holistic health, vibration and healing with sound. She is the mother of three young adults and resides in Ontario with her husband. For more information, visit

Introduction to Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

In my book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, I share some simple yet profound ways to reduce stress, remove toxicity and regain balance in an unbalanced world, where people may feel overcommitted, run down and dissatisfied with life. I explain the laws of vibration and how to use them to increase v…

EDC Creations "Top Books" — 2010 First Quarter

The Sankofa Literary Society Review is focused on the issues and lifestyles that define the avid American Reader — what they read, what they want out of their careers, how they connect to each other, what motivates them and how they feel about the community as a whole. Many have stated, “There is no African American village…it’s dead,” we don’t feel that way. The Village is here, the village in now! Expand your horizons! We are a community of 10 bookclubs, 4 social networks and 20 nurses who want to enrich our community with books and the written word. Listed below are the books we have read from traditional publishers and self-published authors. Join us today to add your voice and experiences to our union.

While highlighting our heritage, our experiences and delivering our voice–we remain anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of our entire global community, supporting all races. We are not limited solely to African American (AA) authors; we hope to educate our…

Book Video: Yesterday's Promise by Vanessa Miller

Book Video: Yesterday's Promise byVanessa Miller

Melinda Johnson has always felt called to ministry. So, when her father, Bishop Langston Johnson, decides to step down after thirty years of leadership at Omega Christian Center, it seems only natural for her to take his place. But Bishop Johnson feels led by a God who has other things in mind, and to succeed him, he appoints Steven Marks-a man who is opposed to female pastors, not to mention the fact that he is Melinda's ex-fiance.

Feeling defeated, Melinda nevertheless maintains her position as the church's Missions and Community Outreach Director. Frequent interaction with the new bishop incites bitter sparring-and rekindles long-suppressed attraction, which grows only stronger when Melinda develops a relationship with Steven's precious daughter, Brianna, who's still struggling with the death of her mother.

Can Steven and Melinda set aside past pains, forgive each other, and learn to love again? Or will their oppo…

Whitaker House signs fiction writer Vanessa Miller to multi-book deal

Whitaker House signs bestselling fiction writer Vanessa Miller to multi-book deal

(New Kensington, Pa.) – In an effort to meet the growing demand for Christian fiction in the African American book market, Whitaker House has signed Essence bestselling author Vanessa Miller to a multi-book deal. Miller, known for her redemptive themes and colorful characters, is releasing Yesterday’s Promise, in April 2010, the first of a three-book series.

 “Vanessa brings with her a reputation not only for excellence as a writer, but also as a woman with strong spiritual roots and a heart to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Whitaker House Vice President Bob Whitaker, Jr.  Miller’s work has received numerous awards, including the Red Rose Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction and the Mahogany Award for Best Christian Fiction. Her novels with Kensington/Urban Christian and Abingdon Press have appeared on Essence Magazine’s bestsellers’ list.

Miller is also a playwright, motivation…

Foxy: My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier

Foxy: My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier
Some may know her as hot, gutsy, gun-totin' Foxy Brown, Friday Foster, Coffy, and Jackie Brown. Others may know her from her role as Kit Porter on The L Word. But that only defines one part of the legend that is Pam Grier.
Foxy is Pam's testimony of her life, past and present. In it, she reveals her relationships with Richard Pryor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Freddie Prinze Sr., among others. She unveils her experiences as a backup singer and a blaxploitation star. In particularly candid and shocking chapters, she shares-for the first time-her view of those films and the persecution that blacks, especially women, needed to endure to make a name for themselves . . . including how it felt to be labeled one of the most beautiful women alive, yet not be permitted to try on clothes in a department store because of the color of her skin. And in words sure to inspire many, she tells the story of her ongoing battle with cancer. From her disappoint…

Intimate Conversation with author R. Jenkins-Oliver

Intimate Conversation with author R. Jenkins-Oliver

R. Jenkins-Oliver was born and raised in McIntosh County Georgia . She is the oldest of four children, and is a graduate of Todd-Grant High School , Margaret M. Washington, and Brunswick College . She has worked for the FBI, as a health care professional, and was an entrepreneur. She has appeared in several industrial and feature films.

BPM: What make you powerful as a person and as a writer? I think what makes me powerful as a person is that I’m proactive, an empathic listener, respectful, I’m willing to support and network with others. I plan ahead and I always have more than one plan. I welcome criticism because there is always room for improvement. And most of all I commune with the Holy Spirit every day of my life.
I consider myself a powerful writer because my writing was inspired by a higher power. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have ever written a book and become a published author because I have ne…

Intimate Conversation with author Marlon McCaulsky

Intimate Conversation with author Marlon McCaulsky

Marlon McCaulsky, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is the best-selling author of The Pink Palace and the novella Love & Life and contributing author on the anthology Romance For The Streets. His goal is tell entertaining stories and to become a full-time novelist. His new book From Vixen 2 Diva is his second full-length novel. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

BPM: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer? Who are your mentors?
Wow… I’m not sure I’ve reached the level of being called a powerful writer yet. But I do have a unique voice and point of view when I write and I try to express that with every story I create. The author I think I look up to the most is Eric Jerome Dickey. I admire his work and his career as an author.

BPM: A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers...
My writing offers the …

Three Necessary Elements to Maintain Good Mental Health

Three Necessary Elements to Maintain Good Mental HealthWhen You Face Financial Problems
By Connor R Sullivan

David O'Malley owned a construction business that specialized in building new houses in what had become a well liked area of Texas known for the unique way it was designed to attract young families who wanted to be close to schools, shopping and beautiful natural surroundings. When builders in the area began to experience a sharp drop off in clients seeking their services it became apparent that the poor economy was taking its toll on new construction. When David found it difficult to pay his employees he discovered that he was unable to pay health insurance premiums also. It was not very long before he had to contact legal expertise to see how he could best salvage what was left of his business.

He first looked for a Houston bankruptcy attorney through the normal sources; the phone book and online. Seeking to find someone who was familiar with his community he soon decid…

Intimate Conversation with author Pat Bertram

Intimate Conversation with author Pat Bertram

Pat Bertram is a native of Colorado and a lifelong resident. When the traditional publishers stopped publishing her favorite type of book — character and story driven novels that can’t easily be slotted into a genre — she decided to write her own. Daughter Am I is Bertram’s third novel to be published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC.

Daughter Am I: When twenty-five-year-old Mary Stuart learns she inherited a farm from her recently murdered grandparents-grandparents her father claimed had died before she was born-she becomes obsessed with finding out who they were and why someone wanted them dead. Along the way she accumulates a crew of feisty octogenarians-former gangsters and friends of her grandfather. She meets and falls in love Tim Olson, whose grandfather shared a deadly secret with her great-grandfather. Now Mary and Tim need to stay one step ahead of the killer who is desperate to dig up that secret. This is a story of quests: a quest…

SLEEP NO MORE by Felton Perry

"SLEEP NO MORE"  by Felton Perry

A joint production by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Ebony Repertory Theater, the African Marketplace, Inc, and the Inner City Cultural Center

It's time to reacquaint ourselves with ...Inner City Cultural Center and it many contributions, artistically and talent, to the world.

"SLEEP NO MORE" by Felton Perry will be directed by Felton Perry and read on Monday, May 3, 2010 at 8:00pm at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.  The staged reading of this delightful musical will help kick off a series of quarterly readings of the best of Inner City Cultural Center during its day.

Artists reading will include many of the plays original artists including Hawthorne James, Art Evans, Felton Perry, Phyllis Bailey, Marvin Elkins, Vance Valencia, Wren Brown, Rosa Maria Marquez, Debra Sellers, Ted Lange, Louis Price, Leslie Bee, Maoco Elkins, and Dr. Sandi Sheffy. The one night event should be fun and a chance to rea…

Hollywood Deception by Sheila M. Goss

Hollywood Deception by Sheila M. Goss

Two friends, one woman, and one deranged fan.
Former supermodel and talk show host Hailey Barnes has a knack for catching her guests off guard with difficult and personal questions. Her tough interviews have earned her a Daytime Emmy, but while her professional life is at its peak, she’s not satisfied with her personal life.
Hailey wants what she can’t have, and that’s her ex-college sweetheart’s hand in marriage. Her on again/off again relationship with Trevon keeps her name in the tabloids, and that works for her, until she receives a wedding invitation in the mail—inviting her to Trevon’s wedding to another woman. He’s ready to settle down, just not with Hailey.
Besides dealing with a broken heart, the ex-supermodel is dealing with a deranged fan who has resorted to sending her disturbing mail at her Hollywood studio and her home. Hailey decides to use the opportunity as a quest to convince Trevon she should be his bride.
Trevon and childhood friend…

Book Spotlight: Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us

Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us
Donna Michele Watford, RN was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has degrees in Sociology and Health Studies; and currently attends Drexel University Graduate School.
She’s married and resides in the Metro Atlanta area.
Donna realized a void in her life after the loss of her mother; it was then she asked God’s permission to share her experiences to offer others encouragement. Embarking on a new journey involving a closer walk with Jesus the Christ, she now shares her journey with Him through writing poems, songs and books. Donna’s goal is to first and foremost give God glory, provide hope in the face of despair, and be encouraging.

About the Book Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us  is the author’s memoir. It’s a spiritual journey of a mother and daughter; the conclusion is peace, be still. A journey anointed with the potential to revolutionize the thoughts of mankind. This inspirational book focuses on social challenges …

Intimate Conversation with Nakia R. Laushaul

Intimate Conversation with Nakia R. Laushaul

Nakia R. Laushaul is employed as a Finance Administrator. She is a poet, novelist, and inspirational blogger. In her free time she enjoys performing her poetry and hanging out with her teenage son. Nakia serves on the Board of Directors for a non-profit, KCCP, that was created to encourage arts participation in youth. Nakia is committed to challenging everyone in her reach to find compassion and empathy in the differences that exist among us all.  Help support her new book by sharing this link  and blog post.

Ella: Nakia, introduce us to your book of poetry, The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose.
My book is called, The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose. It’s an inspirational collection of poetry and essays about everyday life from my point of view. Although I absolutely love poetry, I am a storyteller to the depths of my soul. So, you will see a complete story in every poem. Every chapter tells a poetic story about You and Me, L…

Book Spotlight: Forbidden: A Ben Blaze Tragedy

Forbidden: A Ben Blaze Tragedy
Ben Blaze is a new author born in Lake City, Florida and raised in Live Oak, Florida. He is featured in the anthology Romanace For The Streets with Marlon Mccaulsky and K. Roland Williams. He will also be featured in the anthology Try A Little Tenderness due out on Black Friday.
Q:: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer? I feel I am a powerful man because of my drive and determination. My personal experiences have molded me into that type of man. I'm powerful as a writer because of the creativity I bring when I pick up a pen and the fact that I am a huge fan of literature. During my writing process I wear the hat of a writer and a fan, as I am my biggest critic.
Q:: Who are your mentors? My publisher Jarold Imes pretty much took me under his wing and showed me the game. He's been very helpful and I thank him for the opportunity. My inspiration comes from hip hop and my family. For a while, that was all I had and they will be with me until…

Book Spotlight: Inside Danica's Closet by Nikkea Smithers

Inside Danica's Closet by Nikkea Smithers
Nikkea Smithers is an Essence Magazine best-selling, author and spoken word artist. She has released several novels and poetry compilations in nearly every genre. Her writing style is unique as she uses her ability to play on words throughout each project. She is also the president of the award winning Readers With Attitude Bookclub which has been recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the literary industry.
Q:: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer? I have the ability to write on nearly any subject and make it real for my readers. That level of diversity in my subject matter has really assisted me in growing as a writer. I always push myself to explore new ways to express my characters while enhancing my writing style. Doing this has pushed me to not write only what's comfortable for me. As a person, being able to be versatile has caused me to be very open minded which is an absolute need in todays society.

Q:: Where d…