Unwrapped: Ever Changing by Rhonda Herring Dent

Intimate Conversation with author Rhonda Herring Dent

Author Rhonda Herring Dent  was born and raised in Goldsboro, N.C. She is a Senior Program Analyst for the Department of Defense and has worked for DOD for 23 years. She holds a BS Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration. She is married to Timothy and they live in Northern, VA.

Book Synopsis: Ever Changing by Rhonda Herring Dent starts at the beginning of a life that seemed so insignificant by circumstances. A single mother raising her children presses to instill morals and values, strength and courage in them. As the story unfolds the child who seemed less likely to succeed and faced the most adversity took a stand and changed the course of her life. Plagued with a lazy eye and 2 eye surgeries at 10 years old that did not fully correct the problem, an absentee father and becoming a mother at 18 years of age, her life and destiny seemed bleak. As an adult she carries you through the senseless act of greed that resulted in the death of her beloved brother and the illness that led to the death of her younger sister, the issue in her marriage that lead to a dysfunctional home life, a divorce, literally homeless at one point, uneducated and seemingly hopeless.

Through the adversity she cultivates a deeper relationship with God as the prayer she memorized as a little girl resonates in her. Through her trials and tribulations she learns the true meaning of the prayer. She realizes that she has spent countless years trying to change the one thing she absolutely cannot change. In her triumph she went to undergraduate and then graduate school. This landed her a position with the Department of Defense in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Walk with her as she experiences the death of co-workers and friends and comes to grips with the tragic events of that day. Experience the course of events that were pivotal in her Christian walk and how the life that seemed so painful actually led her to find the true meaning of life, love and success. How God took her ashes and turned them into something beautiful. How she learned the true meaning of the prayer that was instilled in her as a little girl and how it sustained her through her trials and tribulations. She finds the courage to change the things she can and the “wisdom” to know the difference. Therefore, as she reflects on her past she realizes her future. A God centered future that embraces her as she dares to make a difference.

BPM: Rhonda, what specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
I have always loved to read and write and thought at some point I should write magazine articles, etc. I began to write in a journal in 1992. I was compelled to write down my thoughts and experiences. I kept several diaries as a child and always wrote in them, although I do not know where my childhood diaries are today. In the beginning I had no idea what I was going to write. I just had the desire to write, so I began to write about my issues and to communicate with God. I had a vision of “Change” several years prior to starting my journal. I had no idea what it meant but I understood that at some point in time God was going to use me to promote change. At the time I did not relate my journal entries to my vision.

When I finished graduate school I began to get restless after about a month. In my family we are not folks who sit around idle. We have to much restless energy for that. Nor do I watch a tremendous amount of television. I was in school in one capacity or the other for countless years, raising children and working a full time job. With the extra time I decided to type my memoirs on my computer. As I typed my memoirs things from my childhood and past began to come to my mind. I typed those memories as well. I often woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down my thoughts on the pad I kept on my night stand. As I typed, a story began to unfold before me. After I realized the correlation of my writing to my vision I realized that this book was being birthed. It took approximately 2 years to compile and complete this manuscript. It is only in God’s strength that I could complete such an amazing work of art. I prayed continuously about exposing the intimate details of my life and each time I got confirmation to press on.

BPM: What do you think makes your book different from others on the same subject?
I have read so many wonderful books on the same subject. The difference is that the story is one of the boldest testimonies ever written. It actually gives a bold account of spiritual development and maturity and the struggles that come along with growth. Not to many of us like change but we really need to embrace it and realize that change provides opportunity for growth and development. Ever changing will compel people to seek change in their own personal lives. It is a step by step account to finding and developing the most important relationship any one could ever have. It will motivate any one to look within and search the very core of their being to find purpose. Most of all it is the intimate details of my relationship with God and how he sustained me even at my weakest moments. I like to call my book a trilogy, a set of three literary or dramatic works related in subject or theme. Ever changing is definitely a different kind of love story.

BPM: Give us a detailed profile of the one primary type of person you want to reach with your book. What are some of their specific needs or problems that need answers?
The profile of the one primary type of person I would like to reach is the person who does not quite understand what or why they are going through the things/changes that they are going through. Their specific need or problems are healing, motivation, faith, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and the need to embrace the inevitable and the need to understand the importance of change and how it affects our relationship with God. Also, to look high beyond any circumstances and have the blessed assurance that God will work everything according to His Will. They will learn to ask God for His Will to be done and not seek their own personal desires.

BPM: How will they benefit in a practical way from reading your book (how will their life change)?
Ever Changing is the ultimate life changing reading experience. It is a bold testimonial of the journey toward Purpose. It is a bold testimonial of change and a road map that leads to the growth and maturity. The benefit is to hear the story of how one woman submitted herself under God’s Will and how He sustained here even in her darkest moments. Another benefit is that the reader will follow the true interaction between God and one of His Children with no underlining motive. Ever changing was birthed out of a personal journal and no other guidance but to continue to write. Amazingly enough a story was being revealed unbeknownst to the author that it would one day, years later would be the core of her first book.

Readers can read excerpts from the book at my website is: http://www.e-rhonda.net/  and contact me at: everchanging@e-rhonda.net
I am currently promoting my book by doing speaking engagements. I am an inspirational speaker bringing my message of hope, healing and reconciliation to hurting souls, 2010 guest columnist providing 2 editorials and 1 devotional each month to StreamingFaith.com, maintain an active website and Blog page EC Blog) and have done numerous book signings, radio interviews for 2009. I am currently planning my 2010 itinerary to speak at churches, do book signings and do radio interviews, telephone and/or personally appear at book club discussions and am currently coordinating a city to city book tour in MA, VA and D.C and much more.

To receive an autographed copy of Ever Changing please order from www.e-rhonda.net. Ever Changing is also on www.amazon.com and featured on www.gazelle-press.com. Comming soon to a book store near you!

Rhonda Herring Dent

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