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Unwrapped: Yesterday’s Promise by Vanessa Miller

Intimate Conversation with author Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller of Dayton, Ohio, is a best-selling author, playwright, and motivational speaker. Her stage productions include: Get You Some Business, Don’t Turn Your Back on God, and Can’t You Hear Them Crying. Vanessa is currently in the process of turning the novels in the Rain Series into stage productions. Vanessa's latest release, Yesterday’s Promise, was #1 on BCNN April 2010 bestsellers list. View here.

Vanessa has been writing since she was a young child. When she wasn’t writing poetry, short stories, stage plays and novels, reading great books consumed her free time. However, it wasn’t until she committed her life to the Lord in 1994 that she realized all gifts and anointing come from God. She then set out to write redemption stories that glorify God.

To date, Vanessa has completed the Rain and Storm Series. She is currently working on the Forsaken series, Second Chance at Love series and a single title, Long Time ComingY…

Unwrapped: My Mother’s Child by Dwan Abrams

Intimate Conversation with Dwan Abrams

Dwan Abrams is a full-time novelist and freelance editor. She currently writes for Urban Books/Kensington. She’s the award-winning, best-selling author of My Mother’s Child, Married Strangers, Divorcing the Devil, Only True Love Waits, and The Scream Within. Her sixth novel will be released by Urban Books/Kensington in 2011.

She’s the founder/facilitator of the Just Write! Workshop. Additionally, she’s the founder, publisher, and editorial director of Nevaeh Publishing, a small press independent publishing house. She was inducted into “Who’s Who” in Black Atlanta in 2006 and again in 2010.

BPM: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?

My relationship with God makes me powerful.

BPM: Who are your mentors?
I have some literary big sisters, namely Kendra Norman-Bellamy and Marissa Monteilh. Where do you find your inspiration? My inspiration comes from so many things. I’m inspired by fascinating people that I meet, my marital relationship,…

Unwrapped: The Only Way is Up by Folake Taylor MD

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Folake Taylor

Folake Taylor, MD was born in the United Kingdom to Nigerian-born parents in the early 70s and was raised in both countries before settling in the United States to live the American dream. She is a 2006 graduate of the Internal Medicine Residency Program of the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Taylor obtained her initial medical degree from Nigeria. Taylor is a member of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

She has always loved to write but never dreamt of actually writing a book. She would write sixteen page letters to her friends in boarding schools as a teenager which was always eagerly anticipated by the recipient and shared with those around! Perhaps being the daughter of a writer had something to do with it. Prior to her debut as an author, she had medical publications and conference presentations to her credit.

Folake loves to have fun, especiall…

Intimate Conversation with Tamika Newhouse

Intimate Conversation with author/publisher Tamika Newhouse

Tamika Newhouse is the award winning selling author of The Ultimate No No. She is also known as the creator and President of African Americans on the Move Book Club, which is an online book club catering to avid readers across the nation. She is currently the CEO of Delphine Publications and literary consultant. In March 2009 Tamika was announced the Women of the Year by Alive Magazine. She recently won Author of the Year with African American Literary Awards.

Tamika can be heard on the syndicated AAMBC Radio, where she interviews new and seasoned authors. The show showcases many of the author’s talents and their current projects.

Tamika created the national tour group called Literary Sistah's, where she and authors tour all over the nation. She is currently living in San Antonio with her husband son, and daughter and attends University of Texas. She is currently working on her third novel Cookie: A Fort Worth Story and pl…

Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman

Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman by author Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman is a book into the culture of black women. The author addresses key issues such as: self-worth, self-love, what some black women tend to think the definition of true happiness is, and the five most common types of black women. "I wanted to create a book that addresses the most top ten lessons that I've personally had to deal with and overcome, or issues I saw other black women struggling with. I wanted to let the world know regardless of how it was perceived, that black women are beautiful, unique, and are excelling more than ever. Statistics alone don't tell the true story behind the black woman. And although this book is catered towards a specific race of women, the concepts in my book would benefit most any woman."

About the Author
Tinisha Nicole Johnson resides in Denver, Colorado with her family. Besides a career in writing, she als…

Unwrapped: Five Thin Slices of Truth by Adolphus Herndon

Intimate Conversation with author Adolphus Herndon

Meet Adolphus Herndon, author of Five Thin Slices of Truth. Born and raised in northeast Texas, Adolphus Herndon spent many years of his adult life doing nothing but surviving day to day. Working mediocre jobs and reared in an environment where people thought a couple of dollars above minimum wage was “making it”, he wasted time doubting his abilities of becoming an author. When his frustration factor finally eclipsed his fear factor, he said a little prayer and started scribbling and scrabbling to fulfill his life-long passion. Five Thin Slices of Truth is his first published book.

BPM:  What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
I love this question!  What makes me powerful is my stubborn, persistent attitude. If any of my family and friends hear this, they would laugh and nod their heads in agreement. Also, my faith. True-to-life example: I am a new self–published author. Before I realize all the work that it takes to get pu…

Unwrapped: What a Woman’s Gotta Do

Intimate Conversation with author Evelyn Coleman
Evelyn Coleman, the Edgar nominated, award winning author writes across genres from pictures books, young adult novels to adult thrillers. Her latest books, Freedom Train and the American Girl doll Addy’s new mystery, Shadows on Society Hill have garnered rave reviews. Visit “” to watch James Earl Jones and Amber Rose Tamblyn reading her books, To Be a Drum & White Socks Only. Coleman is a former Georgia Author of the Year, Atlanta Mayor’s Fellow, Parent’s Choice Award and Carter G. Woodson Honoree and past President of Mystery Writers of America, SE and a member of International Thriller Writers.

BPM:  What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
Hmmm the word “power” doesn’t always appeal to me because it implies other ideas I don’t much like but I prefer to think of myself as meaningful. As a writer I hope to bring energy to readers to accomplish things they dream of doing in their own lives. To understand…

Breaking Organizational Ties by author Dr. Daryl D. Green

Breaking Organizational TiesHow to Have a More Fulfilled Life in Your Current Job
by author Dr. Daryl D. Green

(Peek inside the book and read a few chapters)

Over 9 million people want to work full-time but can only find part-time employment. According to a Yahoo survey, a third of American workers are anxious about their job security. Breaking Organizational Ties provides practical strategies for employees attempting to cope in jobs or environments which they hate.

While most managers are only concerned with the bottom-line, they leave their employees vulnerable to the casualties of competitive markets. This book will enable readers to (a) learn how to survive and even enjoy your time at work even in a hostile environment, (b) gain greater confidence in your ability to grow while in a downsizing organization, and (c) discover the insight to go beyond your limitations by breaking the barriers of your self-doubt.

Look at what others are saying:

"Many issues affect why we don'…

Unwrapped: Heaven & Earth by J.M. Benjamin

Intimate Conversation with author J.M. Benjamin
J.M. Benjamin is an award winning and Essence Best Selling author from Plainfield, New Jersey. In 2006, he quickly made his presence felt in the fast growing genre of Urban Literature with his freshman novel Down In The Dirty published by Flowers In Bloom Publishing. In Feb. 2007 he released his sophomore novel My Manz And Em independently. His third novel, Ride Or Die Chick was released Dec 2007, earning him a spot on the Essence Best Seller’s list and Black Expressions. In addition, in Oct. 2008 his book Ride Or Die Chick was released through iTunes on audio book. He is currently working on several projects including Ride Or Die Chick 2, Heaven & Earth, and a non-fiction motivational book titled From Incareration To Incorporation.

J.M. Benjamin is the founder and CEO of A New Quality Publishing. Since being introduced to readers in the anthology, Menace II Society with the short story titled Keeping It Gangsta he has secured a posit…

I STILL DO - A Celebration of African-American Weddings

Intimate Conversation with author Kea Taylor
Kea Taylor is the founder of Imagine Photography, a professional photography studio in Washington, DC specializing in special event, portrait and architectural photography. Her work has been featured in the British News and Observer, Black Enterprise, Ebony/Jet, The Source Magazine and various newspapers, book covers and publications.

I STILL DO - A Celebration of African-American Weddings
ISBN 9780615313207
EDC Review Rating:  Beyond Excellent  5+ / 5 stars

This new coffee table photo book showcases photographer, Kea Taylor's most beloved images from ten years of photographing African-American weddings. The 120+ page book features over 300 full-color photos of African-American weddings from all over the United States and Caribbean. Includes glossary of African-American cultural wedding rituals and anecdotes from married couples about challenges and triumphs of building a successful marriage in the new millennium.

BPM:  Kea, how do you f…

Unwrapped: From Vixen 2 Diva

Intimate Conversation with author Marlon McCaulsky
Marlon McCaulsky, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is the best-selling author of The Pink Palace and the novella Love & Life and contributing author on the anthology Romance For The Streets. His goal is tell entertaining stories and to become a full-time novelist. His new book From Vixen 2 Diva is his second full-length novel. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

BPM: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer? Who are your mentors?
Wow… I’m not sure I’ve reached the level of being called a powerful writer yet. But I do have a unique voice and point of view when I write and I try to express that with every story I create. The author I think I look up to the most is Eric Jerome Dickey. I admire his work and his career as an author.

BPM: A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers...
My writing offers the…