Revealing Journey by Nanette M. Buchanan

The Revealing Journey by Nanette M. Buchanan

How far back in your history can you travel?
How far before your presence begins to rattle?
You can remember when you were three or four....
Further back...your ancestor's history is yours to explore.

Let your heart beat at a steady even pace.
As you journey to this revealing place.
Close your eyes, open your mind.
There's a lesson in this short journey back in time.

Do you see the ship, the torture chamber,
The transporting vessel to this land of the free.
Captured like animals, shackled and chained,
Forbidden to speak, freedom? How could this be?

Don't become upset,
Travel on....remember pages of history you have been taught.
Pages that state your ancestors were slaves, traded and brought.
Pages that say they were the white mans structured molds,
Our ancestors picked cotton, as the white man tore at their pride and souls

The chapters are vague when mentioning
Any black man or woman that contributed to inventions.
But how they talk of riots and lynching,
Not many pages on black cowboys or heroes, just fearful uprisings
They only name our mentors and leaders after we march and demand
They don't fit that white man's surprising!

The books are to short to reveal what we touch, speak on and then forget
The ignorant white man's fear was "An educated nigger is a threat"
Boy was the name for males of all ages and size.
While wench and gal were names for girls soon to become Masta's prize.

In generations to follow history repeated again and again
We forgot the past as we scattered,
without education afraid of the white man.

The journey continues on today, what will be our history for tomorrow
Close your eyes now in prayer, save your tears for the foretold sorrows.

We have to learn from our history and our ancestor's experiences
There is a weapon to succeed.
If education is what they fear, education is what we need.

Copyright 2000--Thoughts & Reflections

About the Author
Nanette M. Buchanan was born, raised and educated in Newark, New Jersey. After graduating from Arts High School in Newark she attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was then that she first set her pen to pad, written expressions of her love for poetry. She is a proud mother, wife and grandmother, now residing in Somerset, New Jersey.

Her pad to pen accomplishments include three volumes of poetry; Thoughts, Thoughts & Reflections, and Quiet Times; five children stories and seven novels. Nanette’s first published work and debut novel was “Family Secrets….Lies & Alibis”.

Since then the publication of the sequel, “A Different Kind of Love” and the release of her first volume of poetry, “Thoughts” an e-book hit the market. In October of 2009, Nanette’s murder mystery, “Bruised Love” was released. It is her goal to become a successful author without limits. The author is available for personal appearances, chats and signings.

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