A Purse of Your Own by Deborah Owens

The Power Of The Purse Campaign 2010


Oprah and J.K. Rowling were named two of the richest women on the planet by Forbes Magazine.What do Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling know that you don't?  Deborah’s new book "A Purse of Your Own" will share the 7 Wealthy Habits that successful women adopt to build wealth. Published by Simon and Schuster. (ISBN-10: 1416570810)   Learn More about Deborah Owens: Read her bio, find wealthy lifestyle tips, view a sample chapter of Deborah Owens’ book, Confident Investing at http://www.deborahowens.com/

Start a Purse Group with Author and Wealth Coach Deborah Owens
We are launching The Power of the Purse 2010 campaign to engage, enlighten and equip one million women to become financially empowered. The campaign kicks off in January of 2010 in concert with Wealth Coach Deborah Owens’ new book A Purse of Your Own published by Simon and Schuster.

Here's what you can do to get involved:

1. Form a Purse Group- Start thinking about other women in your circle of influence who are ready to start off the New Year by getting their purse in order. Begin where you are. At work, socially or professionally take charge of you financial future and start a Purse Group. Instructions on how to start a Purse Group is provided in Chapter 10 Sisterhood of the Purses in the book A Purse of Your Own.

2. Host, Sponsor or attend a Power of the Purse Workshop, Seminar or Webinar-  Invite Wealth Coach Deborah Owens to present at your organizations next event. If you can influence at least 100 women to register for an event we will assist you with finding a sponsor.

3. Become a sponsor- Position your brand, product or resource with our cause to financial empower one million women. Make a difference in the lives of your customers who influence 90 percent of household purchases. Stay in touch with women influencers by aligning with us to provide women with the tools and resources that can put them on the path to financial wellness. If your product or service can help women prosper we want to hear from you.

Join the Power of the Purse Community receive a free download of Chapter 10 of A Purse of Your Own, and get instructions on how you can start your own Purse Group. Register at www.deborahowens.com You will receive updates on the Power of the Purse Campaign and announcements for additional promotional offerings and events.

Meet the Author of A Purse of Your Own
Deborah Owens passion is helping people of all incomes build wealth. She is a sought after speaker and expert on the topic of entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.

Deborah is the Wealth Coach on My Generation TV which airs nationally in 30 million homes. She is author of "Confident Investing: A Wealth Building Guide For Women" and "Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth". Her new book "A Purse Of Your Own" is scheduled for publication by Simon and Schuster in 2009.   (ISBN-10: 1416570810)

Deborah is host and executive producer of "Wealthy Lifestyle Radio" a personal finance talk show that airs on the NPR affiliate WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore, MD. She is sought after speaker and has toured nationally with B.E.S.T. featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes and Magic Johnson, God’s Leading Ladies, Working Women Events and The NASD Office of Individual Investors. Deborah is President of Owens Media Group LLC, which creates financial empowerment programs for companies and organizations.

Deborah Owens Website: http://www.deborahowens.com/

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