What Are You Thankful For?

Shhh! Thanksgiving Secrets

My Mom was a wonderful cook when I was growing up. My brother and I looked forward to the holidays because mom would really throw down in the kitchen. Unfortunately, as she got a little older, her food started to taste like she forgot some of the ingredients. So it became my job to cook the holiday dinners, as wonderfully as she did for the family.

Before the holiday, Mom would always season the turkey for days. So, I had to figure out ways to get the turkey from her and season it with all the spices she forgot. I had to be clever, and give any excuse imaginable to get that turkey, and everything else to my house. When she was living with me briefly it was easy; I would beat her to it or just wait until she went to bed, and re-season everything, wrap it back the way she had it and she'd never knew the difference. Later on when she moved out to her place, it became more of a challenge getting the turkey! I had to scheme, connive, and plan the captures!

Most times the fact that we were having dinner at my house worked, so she allowed me to take the turkey and then I could do what was needed. One year Mom got smart! She decided to start cooking at my house and the kids called me hysterical….. GRANDMA IS COOKING! I told them to go into the kitchen and hide certain major ingredients and that I would be home ASAP! When I got there, Mom was looking for the very food items I told the kids to hide. Exactly as I planned. She was a little shocked and told me that I needed to go to the store, “I don't know how you cook Debra!” I took her home and finished the dinner preparations as intended. Another successful year for the turkey!

Every year thereafter, with me sneaking behind her and re-doing the food, she would joyously say “This is the best Turkey I’ve ever made!” The kids and I would just smile and agree. To this day and it’s been 20 years, she doesn't know we re-create the food, and we plan to keep it that way! This is just our secret now, don’t tell….

This has become a family tradition that my children and I have created; actually getting a kick out of “Out Smarting Grandma”!

What I am most thankful for is that we have created this tradition quite by accident, but it’s something we plot and plan together as a unit, to create a magical day for the family. We really enjoy the pride on my mother’s face when she declares it the best dinner she has ever made!

Debra Owsley, owner Simply Said Reading Accessories