The Black-Print: Black America's Blueprint for Achieving Wealth, Prosperity and Respect

Damn the Talk - This Book is a Plan of Action!

The Black-Print: Black America's Blueprint for Achieving Wealth, Prosperity and Respect

by Malik Green (Author)

Over the last 50 years African Americans have heard many speeches, read many books, and attended the marches and protest rallies; however, the descendants of African slaves are as dysfunctional as ever. Our people and our communities are suffering more and more from black-on-black crime, drug abuse, violent gangs, illiteracy, high drop-out rate, low college entry rate, lack of spiritual development and a host of other maladies that contribute to the continued marginalization of the African American.

The Black-print is a book with a bold and comprehensive plan that promises to empower the descendants of African slaves to control their own destiny. This book gets to the heart of the many problems African Americans face; and provides unique and radical solutions to these problems.

The concepts and strategies of the "Black-print" focused towards uplifting African Americans to a level of success that is unprecedented in these United States. The Black-print intends to remove the tarnish and stigma that has been a burden to the descendants of African slaves for hundreds of years. The Black-prints aspires to reveal the beauty, dignity and power of a once great and mighty people.

About the Black-print:

 Chapter one is the introduction to the Black-print.

Chapter Two of the Black-print reveals the real driving force behind, and the perpetuation of the enslavement of the African. It also reveals, why to this day, the descendants of African slaves, especially African American males, are systematically disenfranchised.

Chapter Three deals with what I believe are the five major entities or institutions that lay obstacles to our path towards wealth, prosperity and respect. These entities and institutions have always made claims of being our ally; however, the Black-print exposed them for what they truly are; impediments to the progress of African Americans and the communities they live in.

Chapter Four is the actual blueprint. It breaks down each entity or institution and the obstacles it presents. It then proceeds to provide creative and effective solutions for overcoming these destructive forces that prey on the descendants of African slaves.

Chapter Five is a challenge to African Americans to test drive the Black-print and the solutions and strategies it suggest. The Black-print is a massive undertaking. That is why I am suggesting that we test-drive the blueprint in one of the most recognized African Communities in America, Harlem, U.S.A. This chapter offers us an opportunity to set a standard of how any African American community can be revitalized, rejuvenated, united and prosperous.

The reality is: Black men and women will never be respected in America as individuals, until we are respected as a people.

ISBN-10: 1432743864
ISBN-13: 978-1432743864

About the author:

Malik Green was born in Harlem and was raised on the Lower East Side of New York City. His father left before his first birthday, and he had to learn many things "the hard way." He dropped out of high school at 17 and with nowhere to go, joined the Army. He came back to New York after a five year tour and ended up addicted to crack cocaine for two years. He was able to free himself permanently from that menacing addiction and began to pursue his original goal in life: to make sense of why African Americans are in the predicament they are in today. With his belief that being African was a good thing and with his admiration for Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X -- both of whom epitomized what Malik believed African American men could be: independent, strong, intelligent, fearless men -- he discovered truths that bring forth an understanding of what is lacking in the African American community today.