The Christian Fiction Anthology of the year Bended Knees is coming

The Christian Fiction Anthology of the year "Bended Knees" is coming!

Nationwide Release: December 1, 2009

Retail Price: $15.25
Pre-order Price: $9.99

Books can only be pre-ordered from the Hollygrove Publishing website.

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November 17-21, 2009...just in time for the holidays.

Hollygrove Publishing has assembled seven talented authors (each representing a different region of the country) to contribute what will surely be considered one of the best books of the year. Each author delivers a short story based on real life scenarios that "real folk" can relate to. Check out this roster of best selling authors (listed in the order that their story will appear):

Brian W. Smith, Best Selling Contemporary Fiction Author, is from New Orleans. He delivers a powerful short story titled Forgiveness. Picking up where his best selling novel, Mama's Lies - Daddy's Pain left off, Brian gives the reader a peek into the mind of Jamal Simms. After spending 17 years trying to be the best father he could to his daughter Jada, Jamal discovers (via a DNA test) shortly before her 18th birthday that he isn't the child's biological father. Filled with anger and hate towards those who deceived him, only Gods power can help Jamal overcome his bitterness and resentment.

Shelia E. Lipsey, the Best Selling Christian Fiction Author of the books, My Son's Wife, Insatiable, and Beautiful Ugly, comes to this project by way of Memphis, TN. She delivers a masterful short story titled, Against the Grain. Erica Cherry is a thirty seven year old Realtor and devout Christian who still battles the pain of her husband (of twenty two years) leaving her for a wealthy younger woman. Erica's life is changed when she meets and eventually gives in to the advances of Dr. Parker Calloway...a white man. Erica learns that interracial dating is tough. It gets tougher once her ex-husband finds out and she brings her new man around "church folk."

Tifany Jones, is the Christian Fiction author of The Powder Room and The Secrets Within. This talented new author hails from the D.C. area, and is representing to the fullest. She attempts to steal the show with the short story, A House Divided. On the eve of their mother's death, Tianna, Shayla, and Harris are faced with yet another tragedy when their father is brutally murdered. His death rocks the Daniels family children to their souls, and causes each to question the loving God both their parents served. Will they find strength to overcome this trial or let anger and bitterness destroy their lives?

Donna Deloney, is from the windy city of Chicago. She is the first Christian Fiction author signed to Hollygrove Publishing. Donna has followed up her debut novel, Journey To Jordan with this short story titled, Joy's Gift. Michele has managed to keep God at a comfortable distance from her life. The sudden, tragic death of her best friend, Joy, has left Michele heartbroken and more determined than ever to ignore God's love. But, a gift from beyond the grave might just be the thing to bridge the gap.

Rickey Teems II, the Best Selling Christian Fiction author of the Cross Realities trilogy and Regressions is a prolific Christian Fiction author from L.A. He was chosen for this project because of his "real" writing style, and he delivers with, Soldier Surrendered. As Brooke watches her youngest son CJ get sucked into the "thug" lifestyle, she is elated to hear that her oldest son, Caleb, has survived his military deployment and is coming home. With her hopes resting on the possibility that Caleb can save his younger sibling from the streets, tragedy strikes. She and the family are forced to reflect and try to understand God's plan.

Keshia Dawn this Texas native is the Best Selling Christian Fiction author of the hit novels, By the Grace of God and His Grace, His Mercy. She brings her "A" game with the short story, Baby Boy. Thirteen-year-old Baby Boy struggles to understand why God has made him different than other children his age. His being "slow" has pushed his mother, Laura, into making sure that he is always within her reach. Still confused by life, its not until Baby Boy hears a gun shot and walks in on his bloodstained parents that he realizes there is no truth in all that he knows. He's left alone to learn how to forgive the person who has permanently altered his life.

Kia Stokes, is from Jackson, MS. She is the Best Selling Christian Fiction author of Unbound. Kia closes the show with her heart wrenching story, Mister, Are You My Daddy? What would you do if after twenty-seven years, you found out that the man you've been calling daddy, may not be your father after all? Karmelita, is a successful fertility specialist living in the suburbs of Mississippi. She specializes in helping people find their biological parents. Karmelita is pleased with her life until she learns that the man she thought was her father is not. Her faith is tested like never before as she searches for the truth.

This book is highly recommended for anyone who has had to deal with life's challenges. This book would be a great (inexpensive) Christmas gift for people of all ages.

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