Book Review: Somebody's Sinning In My Bed

Don't Point Fingers, September 21, 2009
By Shelia M Goss (Entertainment Writer & Author of Young Adult Books & Women's Fiction) - See all my reviews

Somebody's Sinning In My Bed

Pat G'Orge Walker's latest book is filled with characters that jump off the page. The books opening sets the tone for the fast pace story. Chyna feels her current tragedy is just payback for the sins she committed. The stress leads her sister Janelle to come to her rescue. There's several twists and turns in the story that will not let you put the book down.

Chyna is the first lady and has to deal with several church members who are determined to get rid of her. Those same church members have a past that would make Chyna's seem meek and mild. Pat G'Orge Walker has a way of showing us our flaws in a humorous manner. She reminds us through her writing that all of us have sinned and shouldn't point fingers at others. I highly recommend this book.

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