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Who Is He To You by Monique Mensah

Monique D. Mensah is a native Detroiter. She declared her dream of becoming an author at eight years old. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, she completed her first manuscript. Shortly after, she launched Kisa Publishing, and published her first novel, Who Is He To You. Monique now resides in Southfield, MI where she is raising her daughter and working on her second novel.

Readers will be intrigued by the intelligent exploration of sensitive issues such as cutting, emotional abuse, depression, and drug-addiction.The first page which is filled with intense emotion and a descriptive setting that pulls the reader right into the scene.

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Genre: Dramatic Fiction; ISBN-13: 9780578023489
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When love involves incest, self-mutilation, drug-addiction, and murder, will Simone, Jessica and Ryan fight to hold on or will they escape before it's too late?

Simone, a shockingly beautiful teen, is on the downward spiral of destruction as she battles incest and self-hatred. She finds cutting to be the only way to relieve her pain. She must do something to regain control of her life and restore her family back to normalcy. But Simone may be too late as unexpected events threaten to throw her dream of contentment far out of reach.

Jessica lives the upscale lifestyle of a refined society matron. She strives to be the perfect wife, but without her husband, Ross, she would be nothing more than the abused stripper he rescued 16 years ago. When their marriage is threatened and it forces her to face her past, Jessica vows to do whatever it takes to protect what she has rightfully earned, even if it means murder.

Ryan, a fiery thirty-something, is quickly slipping into depression and prescription drug addiction. As her boyfriend, Anthony, artfully dangles the empty promise of marriage, she watches helplessly as their relationship dissolves. In an attempt to regain her sanity and self-esteem, she finds herself on a mission of self-restoration while trying to save the life of someone she doesn't even know.

As the shattered lives of three very different women collide, they find that they have one thing in common: They're all in a desperate fight to hold on to love. Experience their emotional journey through to the shocking end where these women will experience injury, imprisonment, and even death while crafting new lives from the ashes of their ruination.

Book info: ISBN-10: 0578023482; ISBN-13: 978-0578023489.
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