Audio How I Made the Angels Cry

How I Made the Angels Cry Intro by Melesia Betts (Non-fiction)
"Cleanse the Soul by Facing the Truth"

"How I Made The Angels Cry" is a memoir based upon my actual experiences in an improbable life, and only the names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the persons involved in the book. It is indeed graphic and discusses sexuality and manipulation of people and circumstances in an open forum that many dare not to attempt. In fact few authors have written in such open and graphic detail, as I have left my life completely open to the judgement of others. I accept this wholeheartedly and if this method helps others to escape their own demons and unlocks the door of emotional imprisonment, then I have succeeded.

I hope that by writing such an open discourse that I can encourage others to be as open in discussing their own fears and desires rather than keeping them simmering below the surface like a pot ready to boil over. HONESTY is liberating, LIES are condemming and things that are kept within are potentially maddening; Again, that IS why we have psychiatrists, is it not? Through my book "How I Made The Angels Cry" I hope to offer an example of how being honest can save a soul.

Meleisa Betts:

ISBN-10: 0615290507
ISBN-13: 978-0615290508