The Man Plan by C. J. Jeep

The Man Plan by C. J. Jeep

Aimee Christensen and her friends (Amara, Bev, Katie and Lisbeth) are all thirty-five and still single. Although none have been willing to admit it they all long to get married. On New Years Eve they make a resolution that one of them will be married by the following year.

With years of unsuccessful luck in love behind them they’ve got to create a “plan” to find him. But the “plan” is not exactly what they bargained for as unexpected events occur and secrets are revealed while they meet and date a number of “ideal” men. BUY THE BOOK HERE

Chapter 1 of The Man Plan
New Years Eve 1999

“I think I’m going to seriously lose weight this next year. I don’t want to exist in a new century heavier than I am today,” I said as the five of us drove to the party.

“You don’t need to lose weight Aimee, you look good girl! You may just want to tone it up a little and turn it into muscle,” suggested Bev.

“So you’re saying I am fat!?!”

“No, but a little exercise never hurt anyone.”

“Oh don’t listen to the exercise guru, Aimee, you know Bev just wants you to join her aerobics class,” laughed Lisbeth.

“Hey I know I look good!”

“And we know you think you do!” said Amara. “But if you look so good why are you without a man?”

“I told you I don’t need a man. I am perfectly content all by myself.”

“Yea, right.”

“Look Amara not everyone thinks they have to be in a relationship to be content like you. Some of us can be alone and not lonely.”

C.J. Jeep lives outside of Atlanta Georgia with her husband and their dog. C. J. Jeep has worked in the field of Social Work as a Therapist. This is her first novel.

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