Be Aware Of Your Social Networking Etiquette

5 Very Important Reasons You Must Be Aware Of Your Social Networking Etiquette.
Posted by Marjorie Janczak on March 11, 2009

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Social Networking today has become like the life blood of many businesses and with the economy taken a down turn, many more people are likely to start their own businesses and obviously take advantage of the power of social networking to grow their businesses in their efforts to lower costs on marketing and promotion.

It is easy to join and try to leverage these media but how you leverage social media with the proper etiquette in such a way that it sets you apart and exponentially grow your business is the question many overlook and are still overlooking.

Knowing why you are joining the groups and having a clear plan is the best place to begin. But that would not be the means to the end.

The people you would be associating and holding conversations with on these media are, for starters, human beings and would like to be treated with some respect and consideration so remember that and avoid any aggressive or impolite interactions.
Why must you care at all you may ask? Below are some very important reasons you must be aware of your social networking etiquette in order to create a positive and a know-like-trust factor in your social networking journey:

It helps you to project a professional, yet a human image when you tell people in plain language about you.

Use decent language.

Have a professional picture of you instead of your logo, pet or group.

Make it easy for people to find out more about you by having your website or Blog link on your profile. You will never know who wants to contact you for what. After all, you are there on the social networking site for a reason right?

It helps you to establish yourself as, not just another expert in your industry, but a RESPECTED EXPERT in your field when you contribute in your capacity to other people's questions about a topic you can confidently and professionally answer;
Respond to friends' messages. The most valuable people in your group of friends are those who keep contacting and catching up with you.

It helps you to increase or lower your credibility with the kind of impressions you put across to your friends.
-- Do you engage in decent conversations;
-- Do you choose appropriate applications that portray your professionalism?
-- Do you keep to your word when you promise someone something?
-- Are you always ready to give a lending hand?

It helps you to attract and maintain quality friends with whom you can build mutually beneficial, and long term relationships because in as much as you are free to chat on a friendly and in a fun way, you are also aware that you need not offend them or criticize that in a way that can hurt their feelings to result in an unwanted affair. Respect for self and others are the basis of etiquette and it is in your interest to remember this if you are to succeed in any venture. And last but not the least...

It helps you to build a strong word-of-mouth buzz for both you and your business. There is nothing as priceless and more powerful than having a third party talk so well about you and your business to others who can benefit from your offerings. Also, remember that it is more expensive to acquire a new client or customer than to maintain old ones who can evangelize for you at no cost to you.

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