Unexpected by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Unexpected by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

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Unexpected is the story of Dahlia Ray, a hard-working woman in the corporate world, who doesn’t necessarily believe in love after experiencing one disappointment after another. After winning a multi-million dollar case at her law firm as a Paralegal, she decides to take a get-a-way with her two best friends Janet and Sasha at a cabin in the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado for the annual Jazz Festival. Dahlia’s looking to get a peace of mind, while her friends are looking to get their freak on.

While there, she meets Jackson Bell, a Denver Bronco. He’s tall, dark and sexy. However, will he be just another name added to her list of disappointments? Is he too good to be true?

After a weekend of lust and fun, the mutual attraction between Dahlia and Jackson are evident, and things get steamy, but will it only last the weekend? The story takes on the notion of love and fame and how they mix.

Meet the Author
Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, writer, and poet. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her family. Besides writing, she also hosts political and sports teleconferences throughout the US. Learn more about this author and her upcoming books at her website: http://www.tinishanicolejohnson.com/

Tinisha Nicole Johnson

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