Intimate Conversation with author Steven Jackson

Intimate Conversation with author Steven Jackson

Prior to becoming an author Steven Jackson ventured into background acting landing work with Universal City Studio’s Production of "Friday Night Lights" directed by Peter Berg. He also worked on director Roland Emerich’s Production of "Day After Tomorrow". As a writer Mr. Jackson worked for a local newspaper called, "Visions Metro Weekly" hired as a columnist.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey? A: First let me introduce myself. My name is Steven Jackson and I am a published writer with AuthorHouse Publishing Co. I was born in Harlem Hospital, I’m a Leo and I was raised in New York City. I first started writing screenplays while practicing as a license real estate broker and part time security investigator. At that time a good friend mentioned to me that he managed people who wrote stories for a living. Believing I had a story to tell, I decided to challenge myself and take on the task of writing about my experience with online dating. During that time people were meeting other people in Yahoo and AOL chat-rooms. Then there was a website called Matchdotcom. This website required you to fill out a profile of yourself and the website would match you up with a potential partner with a similar profile for you. That is where my story begins!

Ella: Steven, introduce us to your book. Is this a true story?
INSTANT MESSAGE (IM);ISBN: 9781420824902;non fiction
Based on true events, INSTANT MESSAGE (IM) - is filled with sex, lies and hatred! It will take you through the lives of an interracial couple who met online and fall in love. This interracial couple is faced with public prejudice and family persecution in a small southern hick-town called Cullman, Alabama!

Ella: I am from Alabama and very much aware of Cullman. Tell us about the your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
A: My first main character, MALIK, is a young man from New York City. He’s a professional agent who owns a real estate firm. Unhappy with his social life and believes his soulmate can’t be found in the local bars, his gym class or at his church, he wants to look else where. One day a commercial appears on the television advertising an online dating website called Matchdotcom. From there Malik decides to use this website and the internet chat rooms to find his true love. Not knowing how far he had to travel or if his quest for true love will lead him into danger.

My second main character, ELIZABETH, is a young woman from a small confederate town in the state of Alabama. She’s a stay at home mom with a husband and three children. Somewhat content, but bored with her everyday living, Elizabeth ventures into a chat room just to pass time. Her quest for entertainment leads her into a unique situation outside her normal social encounters.

What I like most about these two characters is the fact that they are perfect examples of real life people who thirst for change and opportunity to fill a void in their love lives. These two characters are willing to sacrifice everything they have for the sake of true love.

Ella: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader to pick it up?
A: Look! I believe all people share some form of social commonality and can identify with personal needs, wants and desires in others that they themselves may crave for. Most human beings thirst for love and affection and some will do just about anything or go just about any where to get it. I believe people love to see others get what they want in life. This book will share with your readers how two individuals ventured into the unknown just to satisfy their pursuit for happiness. You will also experience the pros and cons of online dating through the eyes of my main characters and real life individuals who give their testimony. Like I said this book is based on true events.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
A: People who haven’t found their true love or better yet their soulmate should explore outside the box of normality with carefulness. People who use online dating as a means of connecting with others should do so in a safe way just as they did when they went into public places like the bars, clubs and laundromats. The difference here is that life threatening situations can hide behind a screen name just like it does with a face-to-face smile encounter. Over all there are millions of singles who have actually found true love from online dating and most people are not aware of how deep this is.

Ella: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
A: The dimension of words is incredible.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer? A: Doors have opened up to me in many forms. Because of my this book I was hired as an "Arts and Entertainment" columnist for a local newspaper, interviewing artists in the entertainment industry. The book is being considered as a book to film project. So I believe hard work brings about positive results.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?
A: Write from the heart and stay true to yourself. Write about things you know and don't listen to negative talk from people who say you're wasting your time trying to become a writer. Use that hate talk as a form of encouragement to succeed and do what they say you can't do!

Ella: Would you change anything about your journey?
A: There is always room for improvement but at this stage in time...I would change nothing!

Ella: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
A: (1) Being a good story teller, (2) Devotion to writing, (3) Effective marketing along with perseverance and prayer.

Ella: What can we expect from you in the future?
A: A best seller and my work being created for motion picture.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
A: Right now I’m working on a long over due book titled, "Numbers...A Gangsta’s Child". Something like a book form documentary on a gangster from New York who happens to be a woman. A very interesting story based on true events. Lastly, I’m scheduling book signings for the summer book fairs, book expos in New York, Tampa and Oakland.

I really want to thank you for this interview, your time and patience! I really had a good time with you!

Published Author: Steven Jackson
ISBN: 9781420824902

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