Christian Ladies Connect Lifestyle Magazine

Our Bible teacher extraordinaire, Demetria Zinga, is looking for writers for her new Christian lifestyle magazine. If you would like the opportunity to publish your writing online, please take a moment to read the details below.

Christian Ladies Connect Lifestyle Magazine

About The Magazine- Readers and Writers
The overall tone is classy and feminine with a touch of sass and spunk. Rich, warm overtones capture the reader and causes her to be drawn to the messages of encouragement. Like a friend connecting with her favorite chic at a coffee shop, our writers will strive to touch the heart of our reader by talking directly to her as though she were sitting directly across the table from her at Starbucks.

Our reader feels invigorated by the articles: how-to’s and essays. She feels understood by the writers (personal stories and interviews). She feels helped by the resources (online links, prayer calendar, bookmarks, bible study reading guide). She is encouraged to look inward (helps for her journey) and outward (reaching out to missions).


Do you like to write about your faith? Maybe keep a blog about your life as a Christian woman?

Christian Ladies Connect Lifestyle Magazine is looking for:

*freelance writers to become regular columnists
*freelance submissions

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