Black College Sabbatical: Fall Quarter

The Black College Sabbatical: Fall Quarter
by Tracie E. Christian

The Black College Experience: Underrated, Underestimated and Unappreciated. Venture on a journey with an Angel to feel the real 'Tricks behind the Bricks". See why H.B.C.U's should be Forever Celebrated!

About the Book
BLACK COLLEGES: Underrated, Underestimated & Unappreciated until NOW! The Black College Sabbatical - FALL QUARTER is a new school, coming of age story chronicling the experiences of four young ladies of different cultural, economic and social backgrounds, each beginning her first year at Heritage State University.

Kyla Mansfield, is attending Heritage in line with her family's long-standing tradition. While somewhat bourgeois, Kyla's Integrity and warmth will show all that this prim and proper, young woman is more than just the younger sister of the most popular girl on campus.
Ananda Harris, is academically gifted with natural athletic abilities. Growing up with an overbearing father, this over achiever is no stranger to hard work. Her Perseverance is put to the test as she works to live up to her father's high expectations, while embracing the freedoms of college.

Tina Hutchins, a Home Girl full of attitude and quick wit; attends Heritage on a full Journalism scholarship. A loner by nature, her Courage is challenged as she works to smoothly blend her fly girl style with her non-African American descent and new surroundings.

Cierra Folsom, is a chocolate angel in disguise that grew up dirt poor, with an addict mother and a huge sence of Loyalty. Grandma's guidance and love finds Cierra trail blazing through Heritage on a partial Dance scholarship with the HSU Marching Band family...Cierra's first.
I am the Guardian Angel sent here on a quest to protect. I have Courage, Integrity, Loyalty and Perseverance for survival. I also brought bits of Betrayal, Drama, Secretes and Sex just to keep things interesting. Now, all I need is a traveling companion. Someone to help figure out which of our ladies needs me most! Why not YOU? Together, let's bask in the truth's light reading The Black College Sabbatical * FALL QUARTER.

348 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover)
catalogue #07-0988
ISBN 1-4251-2836-X

Tracie E. Christian is the Founder and President of KTE Foundation for Literary Discovery Incorporated - a 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the concept of Revitalizing Excitement Around Literacy for youth throughout the metropolitan Detroit area through innovative, entertaining, as well as, creative programming and special events celebrating exposure to the Literary and Communication Arts. She attended Central State and Wayne State Universities respectively. A wife and mother, Tracie resides in her home town of Detroit, Michigan with her family.

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