Wild Cherry by Jihad

The King of Inspirational Urban lit is back. Jihad the National, and Essence bestselling author of STREET LIFE, BABY GIRL, RIDING RHYTHM , MVP and the phenomenal 2008 bestseller PREACHERMAN BLUES is back with his highly anticipated, controversial, erotic rollercoaster page turning drama WILD CHERRY.

Award winning, National and Essence Magazine bestselling author of six jaw dropping novels is back with WILD CHERRY. We’ve all read Donald Goines hit Daddy Cool, a story about the coolest and smoothest hitman in history, and Daddy Cool is just one novel that helped make Donald Goines the biggest selling African-American fiction author in history, but what you didn’t know is that Mr. Cool had a son known as the Surgeon, because of his preciseness and love for scalpels, and the Surgeon, had a daughter named Cherry, who became more infamous and dangerous than her grandfather and father.

She’s escaped from three mental institutions before the age of 25. Wild Cherry is an erotic adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Please go to www.jihadwrites.com and purchase and autographed copy of WILD CHERRY by Jihad at a 30% discount. Allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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Order your autographed copy today online at a 30% discount at www.jihadwrites.com or purchase at your local African-American bookstore, Wal-mart, Borders, Barnes and Nobles or anywhere where books are sold, and please, leave a review on my site or at www.amazon.com.

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