SISTAH TEEN NETWORK: New Conference Video

SISTAH TEEN NETWORK: New Conference Video Featuring "CHRISTIAN GIRL" by The Perrys

View the new SISTAH Teen Video featuring "Christian Girl" by The Perrys Click here

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Encourage your daughters, granddaughters, nieces and goddaughters to join the network and have fun in the fellowship. They can feel free to interact as well as share their thoughts by posting blogs in the SISTAH Teens Network Group. . .

The Staff - The SISTAHS Ministry International

Sister Sharnae Coakley, Director - SISTAH Teens Ministry

Magdaline Ihaza Okoduwa, Director - International Chapters
Torino, Italy & Nigeria, Africa

Sister Tracy Spence-Banks, Director - FL Chapter

Sister Veronica Denyse Truell, Director - MA Chapter

Evangelist Carmen West, Director - NV Chapter

Deaconess Cheryl Braxton, Director - NY Chapter

Vis. Valarie D. Coleman, Director - PA Chapter

Minister Lois Grady, Director - TN Chapter

Minister Teresa Coleman - Prayer Intercessor

Evangelist Jean Overman - Victorious & Blessed

Sister Wanda Burnside - Facilitator, Soul SISTAHS Cafe

Minister Celeste Kelley, Co-Founder & Director
P.O. Box 401121 * Redford, MI 48240-1121 * (313) 820-1315


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