Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses

Intimate Conversation with Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses

Ella: Selena, tell us a little about you and your family.
Hello Ella and Black Authors Network! I am a new author from Greer, S.C., I am a wife and mother of two and a devoted Christian. I work in healthcare and I believe in applying Christian values to every aspect of my life. I am very active in my church serving three choirs, assistant clerk and webmaster. Writing is my ministry, I hope to appeal to every reader and bring someone to know God's glory the way that I do.

My debut novel was released this month. It is entitled, "Butterfly Kisses". The novel is Christian fiction and it deals with a very common issue with children and childcare in our community. In my book there are three girls who are trusted at a very young age to fend for themselves after school. One mother slept during the day because she worked nights, the other worked during the day, and the third mother has a serious drug problem. Each of the young girls lose their innocence at the hands of an adult. A close neighbor has preyed upon the girls, and when one of these children become missing, so does the bad neighbor. Each of these children have lost hope, in this story they are brought closer to God... in one way or another.

Ella: What motivated you to write this book?
I was motivated to write this novel by a dream..I always had the passion to write, but this was a real, while I was sleeping dream. My dream, however, was only about one of the main characters and myself. The dream kept reoccuring, adding more and more some nights and I kept writing it down!

Ella: Why should we buy your book?
Every mother, every young woman who plans to be a mother, anyone who was ever abused as a child, should buy this book. It is a good story. Yes it has its comical moments, but it is a healing story. It delves into a lot of the emotions that come along with molestation, family disfunction, and loss. It helps to confirm the fact that God is still in control, no matter whether you think so or not.

Ella: What important things do you try to convey to your readers?
In my stories, I have characters who have faith issues. We all have fallen short, from time to time, and there are those of us who don't know where to go for help. If you already know to look to the hills then, then my novels are just entertaining reassurance, but my young adults, they are still learning. They are still going through. The readers who are still finding themselves and lose sight sometimes... and in some cases these are older adults! They need to know that life doesn't end when you give your life over to God, and they need to know that they can still be themselves, they will just be a better self, and I want them to see this in my writings.

Ella: What is your favorite book?
I am a big fan of Michele Andrea Bowen, and others like her. The first book of hers that I read was "Second Sunday" and then the "Holy Ghost Corner". Her characters are so lifelike and these novels were such an inspiration to me. They helped me to realize my own dream. How powerful is that!

Ella: What is the best thing about being a published author?
After not finishing college, where I majored in Engineering Graphics, I would have to say that this is my first real accomplishment. I was smart and I had all of the potential to complete my studies, I just 'got grown'. I moved out, tried to work full time and go to school full time, next thing I knew I was married with kids, certified in healthcare. Imagine the blow I received when my reality check came. I wasn't young anymore, I couldn't just 'go back to school anytime'. I can't stress enough to my young family members and church family members how important it is to not let what happened to me, happen to them. I learned to trust God and let him lead the way, and even if i never sold a single book....I am blessed and satisfied.

Ella: What's next for you?
My next novel is entitled, "First Lady", to be release in late 2009. It is a far stretch from this one, goes along with my mission of being Christ-centered, and if you can get past the mischief in the sanctuary, you'll really enjoy it!

Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses
ISBN# 978-1441409348

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