The Reunion by author John R. Williams

The Reunion by author John R. Williams

ISBN 13: 978-0-9818094- 4-1
ISBN 10: 0-9818094-4- 8

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John R. Williams was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of three sons. As a product of a
single parent home, John discovered a deep appreciation for the arts at an early age through music, poetry and writing. As a child he was exposed to bittersweet life growing up in the inner city. In 2003, John began writing informally. He wrote in a journal daily trying to perfect his writing style. His goal was to master both comedic and dramatic writing. John received no formal training in literature other than reading urban classics and masses of poetry that he usually found at book fairs and in local libraries.
He studied the works of urban novelists and allowed his ability to be influenced heavily by these cutting edge authors. Over time John developed his own unique style. John used his shortcomings as a child and experiences as a young adult to shape his edgy writing style. The stimulus for his literary aggression is oftentimes revealed in his works. If asked, John would tell you that the goal of his writing is to entertain, educate and assist with the human spirit's progression. While pursuing a writing career he also maintained a prominent position at a large Telecommunications company. His hard work brought him success as a Sales Executive. John soon learned how to sell ideas. Over time his profession afforded him the means to truly make a go at professional writing.

Message from Author John R. Williams
This is John R Williams-THE AUTHOR and my new novel entitled THE REUNION is finally complete. I am so excited about this book. It brings me great joy to have my publishing company XPRESS YOURSELF PUBLISHING. Although I have written
books in the past, THE REUNION is the 1st one to be released under a major publishing house. XPRESS YOURSELF PUBLISHING is the winner of the 2008 African American Literary award for Independent Publishing House of the Year!

The reunion is focuses on Sean Jiles. He was a popular guy at Kensor High School on Chicago’s Southside. His gifted writing ability, common sense and loyalty gained him lifelong friendships, and a suitable following during his years there. After graduation,Sean moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college and pursue his dream of writing manuscripts and directing stage plays.

While in college, Sean meets Eva Jones, a sassy graduate student working as a junior attorney at a major law firm. They hit it off immediately and start dating. Things start out fine but after a few months, Sean realizes that Eva is a hot mess! She’s insecure, controlling, possessive and insanely jealous. In comparison, she is a far cry from the one true love he had back in high school, almost a decade ago. Jade Brown was his one true love. Not a day passes when Sean does not recollect the past when life was much simpler.

Now Sean is a college graduate and has received a $100,000 advance to produce his first major stage play. Between his career and his problems with Eva, things in his life are absolutely crazy! At the height of his dilemma, Sean receives an invitation in the mail to attend his 10-Year High School Class Reunion. This is great news! Although things are hectic, Sean will attend. The Reunion is sure to be the highlight of his summer. As exciting as it seems, Sean understands that the reunion will rehash tons of mixed emotions and force him to confront his failed love. Sean’s leaving town will also send Eva on one of the most frenzied fits of jealousy ever captured on paper! This book will not disappoint!

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