One G-String Short of Crazy

Book Spotlight: One G-String Short of Crazy

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Desiree Day has worked in the banking, telecommunication, and information technologies industries, as well as in academia. Her fiction has appeared in Woman's Word magazine and on the Internet. She is a member of the Georgia Romance Writers. She is presently working on her next novel.

Ella: Allow me to introduce you to our spotlight book, One G-String Short of Crazy, and its bold and beautiful characters.
From the author of Cruising and Crazy Love comes an I-can’t-believe-you-really-said-that novel about hot-as-hell twin sisters who share everything except their taste in men, and a fine-ass brother from Chicago.

Felicia and Aisha Goodman need separate places. Aisha can’t settle on any one man, and night after night of loud hot sex in the room next door is driving Felicia crazy. But neither can imagine life without the other. The solution: 1920 Peachtree, owned by their good friend Tarik. The twins can each have an apartment, yet still work together on the accounting firm they own. But for two crazy sistahs like Felicia and Aisha, life is never simple.

Aisha’s eyeing Derrick upstairs, even after his pregnant ex-girlfriend from Chicago turns up. Felicia is having a secret affair that will shock even her sex-crazed sister and her life takes even a crazier turn when she falls in love with her best friend. And they’re both beginning to wonder if the business they started was the right choice.It’s a bumpy ride, but the twins are set to prove that determined women truly can have it all—careers, maybe marriage, and certainly lots of good hot sex. Click to read excerpt

Intimate Conversation with Desiree Day and Ella Curry of EDC Creations

Ella: Desiree, how did you come up with the title: One G-String Short of Crazy?
Since the story is based in Atlanta, GA, the original title was 1920 Peachtree. And if you've ever been to Atlanta, you'd know that there are a million streets with Peachtree in it. But my editor decided that the title wasn't eye catching and had me provide her with a listing of suggested titles. I'm glad that I did, everybody raves about the title.

Ella: Why did you decide to write about twins?
I think twins are intriguing. They are two separate people, but are always seen as an individual. They also have a very complex relationship. I wanted to show the struggle that two extremely close sisters have with trying to create their own mark on the world.

Ella: The sex scenes were quite explicit, were you uncomfortable writing them?
Not at all.

Ella: Why did you have Darla flip when she got to Atlanta?
Hey, Darla’s behavior was understandable. Here she is thinking she had the best man in the world and he dumps her for a new job in another city. And when she meets up with Derrick in Atlanta, she turns his world inside out, ha!

Ella: Felicia and Aisha’s bond was strong, so strong that Felicia took a call from Aisha during sex, do you think she was right in doing that?
Oh hell naw. Felicia was so wrong in taking that call, you don’t do that! But that’s an example of just one thing Felicia and Aisha needed to work on.

Ella: Desiree, Are any of your stories based on your life or people you know?
All my stories are loosely based on me, people I read about, and friends. But I’m not telling what part of the stores are really Desiree.

Ella: You tend to write a lot about couples falling in love. Do you consider yourself a romance writer?
I consider myself a writer who loves happy endings.

List of Desiree Day Books:
One G-String Short of Crazy
Cruising and Crazy Love

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