Meet the Phenomenal Women of Color Bookclub

Phenomenal Women of Color (PWOC) Book Club is a network of professional women who share not only a love for reading but for community service.

When visiting our website one will see that PWOC is dedicated to supporting up-and-coming authors as well as those who are self-published.

We have several pages on our site where authors can submit their latest work.

If an author’s submission is not selected for our reading list, we will display their book and biography as a “Spotlight” author, “Featured Authors”, or “Coming Soon”. We give in-depth reviews of all books and the reviews are posted on our website.

PHOTO: (top to bottom): Shondra Payne, Monica Brodie, Charlotte Ferguson, Rolanda Eaaton (VP) , Nickie J. Rosier (President) *Not pictured, Rhonda Turner.

Our Literary Hallmarks:
"Three Fifty-Seven AM: Timing is Everything" by Kendra Norman-Bellamy & Hank Stewart
"A Woman’s Worth" by Tracy Price-Thompson
"Little Black Girl Lost 1, 2, & 3" by Keith Lee Johnson
"The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Souljah

Ella: What do you define as Quality Literature?
A novel that can draw you in with vivid details and launch you into the characters’ lives is a sign of a great novel. When you read the final page and walk away from a novel, you should feel as if you just returned from a journey into the world presented in the book. While reading you became one of the characters and you live their experiences. You should walk away with insight into something previously unknown. You are more than just entertained by the novel, you enlightened. This to me is the definition of quality literature.

Ella: How did your organization develop? How many members are in the group?
PWOC was started June 1, 2006 when I (Nickie) followed the advice of my bother to combine my love for reading and visiting with my friends. I contacted good friend Rolanda and Phenomenal Women of Color Book Club was born. We currently have 6 members.

Ella: What is the primary mission of the group?
“Read. Understand. Be. Phenomenal.” This is the PWOC motto and it defines our primary mission. As a book club we “read”. We read various literature from all genres. Through our reading we will “understand” ourselves, our friends, family, our community, our history, and our society better. When we know better we do better and PWOC will “Be” better each day than we were the day before. We are “Phenomenal” in all aspects. Being phenomenal means we not only take life lessons from our readings to better ourselves but to better those we encounter through volunteer and community outreach.

Ella: Do you have outreach programs or events that we can support?
PWOC supports Memphis Food Bank by taking food donations at every party and event we host. Also, annually PWOC hosts an event known as Kidz Day Out. This event is open to the entire city of Memphis. Kidz Day Out is held every April at a local park.

It is an opportunity for children of all ages to come out and interact with each others regardless of what area of town they are from. KDO promotes unity among children. We provide the children with various games and confidence building activities. Sponsors can donate toys for all age groups to be used as prizes, gift certificates/cards that can be used to purchase food for the event, or volunteer time and/or services. Contact our events coordinator, Shondra Payne at for more information on how to support KDO.

Ella: What does a typical meeting consist of for the members?
We begin each meeting with a prayer of unity for our members. After prayer, our secretary verbally presents a re-cap of the minutes from the previous meeting to be approved and we discuss any open issues. Refreshments are served as we begin to discuss the book of the month. Prior to the meeting, each member receives a copy of the discussion questions and during the discussion portion we do a character analysis of the main characters from the book, discuss the author’s writing style, the plot and points of interest.

Afterwards, each member assigns the book a rating from 1 to 5 Nefertitis. If the author is available for a conference call, we contact the author and discuss the book, our review, ratings and other questions with the author. After all official business has been concluded and the review discussion ends, our meeting is officially adjourned.

Ella: Do you have an open membership? How can one join your network?
Currently we are accepting membership applications. We have also launched an online membership division as well. Any interested persons must fill out an application online by going to

Ella: What advice would you give a new organization forming a network?
Do not give up. Have a vision and work hard to make that vision a reality. Do not let the lack of participation or interest from others stop you from working towards your goal. When things don’t go the way you hope, be encouraged that He is positioning the right people and events for you so stay persistent and humble.

Ella: Would you change anything about your journey?
As president of such an awesome book club, I would not change one thing about the journey we have taken. Over the past two years we’ve done a lot of growing and during that time our membership consisted of just the vice president and myself but we had a motto “We are two but we roll like 200!”. We didn’t let our lack of members deter us from operating a successful club. PWOC has established a great reputation and made lasting friendships with other clubs and authors and our long, tedious journey has afforded us these bonds as well as a great appreciation for all that we’ve accomplished.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want members to gain from your union?
I would like for every member of PWOC to gain a sense of sisterhood. Through reading we are educated, empowered and encouraged. Each member of PWOC has the ability to do the same for themselves as well as their fellow members. The VP and I have a friendship that makes us family and we bring those binding elements with us into our book club. I’d like for everyone to view their fellow book club members as not just friends but sisters that are there for them in all aspects of their lives, not just where PWOC is involved. I want our union to truly make us all “Phenomenal Women of Color”.

Contact info:
Nickie J. Rosier, President
Phenomenal WOmen of Color Book Club
PO Box 752134
Memphis, TN 38175