Meet author Ebonee Monique

Meet author Ebonee Monique

Welcome to the Black Pearls Magazine, Ebonee. Tell us about you. Your passions and what matters the most in your life.

Well Ella and BPM family, my name is Ebonee Monique authoress of the soon-to-be released novel, “Suicide Diaries”. I am a bubbly, humorous dreamer. I’ve always known that I was a creative person by nature and, with the help of my grandmother, writing became second-nature to me.

I am passionate about perfecting my craft and telling stories that impact and depict real life. God, my family and my close friends are what matter most in my life.

Ella: It is great that you create stories that impact the lives of others. What books have had the greatest impact on your life?

Here are just a few of the books that had an influence on me.
:: The autobiography of Assata Shakur
:: 72 Hour Hold- BeBe Moore Campbell
:: Caught Up in The Rapture- Sheneska Jackson
(it was the first book that made me think I could be a writer too!)

Ella: Ebonee, you mentioned that writing became second-nature for you, tell us about your passion for writing and your journey. What's new?
I hunger for writing and it, essentially, feeds all the cravings I have. I started out writing just for fun, not thinking it could ever lead to anything profitable or that anyone would buy. I started writing my first book, “One Last Try” (not released), in 2001. I took long breaks and finally finished it in 2005.

Then I started writing short stories, while also working on a full-length book, and submitted one of those short stories for an anthology contest. That anthology, “The Triumph of My Soul”, catapulted me being published. The publisher, Elissa Gabrielle, has been instrumental in my debut novel, “Suicide Diaries”, being published. It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in my dorm room writing my very first book and here I am on the verge of my debut novel being released; my how time flies!

Ella: What accomplishments do you wish to achieve in 2009?
To continue to walk in the path that God has set forth for me. Of course I’d love my book to sell beyond my wildest dreams and affect people deeply.

Thank you Ebonee Monique for joining us today. BPM and EDC Creations readers, please give Ebonee a hand for a great interview. If you would like for Ebonee to answer questions about the book, please leave them in the comments section below.

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