Essential Women Book Club

Meet the Essential Women's Book Club

Hello Black Authors Network,

Allow me to introduce me and my bookclub. I am Melody Parker and I am the president and founder of Essential Women's Book Club. Essential Women is made up of seven women. The club started in April of 2008 - present. The book club was my idea because I love to read .

Reading is my passion and in order to be a member, my number one rule and last rule, is you have to be a avid book reader. I read so much and have read so much that is does not make any sense. The people that I know would call me first, before they would buy or read a book. If they needed a book to read I was the person to come to. I chose each member in the club, because each person loves to read and each person has something to bring to the table. We have a secretary, treasurer, researcher and reporter, designer, investigators(2 ), and myself the president. We have a mission, goal, logo, slogan, and color.We own our name. We do plan to do a lot of things in 2009 such as travel, support, learn, and experience in the name of sisterhood.

Here is a list of books that the club has read.
1. Borrow Trouble
2. Ride or Die
3. I Ain't Perfect
4. Can I get a Witness?
5. She Had it Coming
6. Everybody in the Church ain't Saved
7. The Dirty Truth

Here is a little background on Essential Women Book Club.

Essential Women find that reading can be relaxing and comforting. Reading is a passion, hobby, and interest to us all. We want other book clubs to know that, as a group of women, we are all different, our style, our mannerism and our lives. When it comes to us all reading a book of our club's choice --we are all the same. Reading is what brought us all together. We are sisterhood, we are a team, and most of all we are readers, who respect, trust, care, and love each other. If you don't have any of those things, there would be no need to form a club of any sort. There is seven of us and each of us bring some of all that I mention.

Essential Women's secretary Michelle is the perfect example of a vital player. If any of the other clubs have a secretary, then they know that the secretary is the president's right hand. Michelle makes herself available day and night for any ideas that I bring to her. I may need her to type or create something, call someone or whatever it maybe, Michelle has no problem doing so, even if she is at work. Michelle brings to the club compassion and love for others. She has a caring nature. Always giving us her support, time and a host of other things-that is what makes Michelle an " Essential Woman"- a very important female.

Essential Women's home is Baltimore, MD. We are going to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary this April 2009. Each woman has a special gift of knowlegde that they bring to the club. Without love, sharing, compassion, responsibity, and trustworthiness there would be no "Essential Women". The Essential Women are- Kimberly, Diane, Velma, Michelle, Charlene, Bernice, and myself Melody.

Ella Curry has an Intimate Conversation with Essential Women Book Club

Ella Curry: What do you define as Quality Literature?
MP: Quality literature is an excellent written novel that catches your attention from beginning to end, with the perfect twist that your book club member and yourself will grade it an A.

Ella Curry: What is the primary mission of the group?
MP: Our mission is to expand in the form of opportunities, such as learning, socializing, meeting other book clubs, and traveling which will guarantee us all to be the "Essential Women" that we are.

Ella Curry: Do you have outreach programs or events that we can support?
MP: We don't have any outreach programs that we support just yet, but I am working on something for single moms with babies.

Ella Curry: What does a typical meeting consist of for the members?
MP: A typical meeting consist of us going around the room discussing book club issues such as: who will host the next meeting date and time, local library events, who has a birthday coming up, authors that any one of us may have e-mail and gotten a response from, and us bettering our book club in the future. We eat while we discuss the book, that we read for that month. Most meetings are 3-4 hours long. We go into great detail about the book, by going around the room getting everyone's opinion and grade for the book. After that, we socialize, sharing any issues with the club.

Ella Curry: What advice would you give a new organization forming a network?
MP: We would tell them to go for it. The bonding is great, the sharing is mind blowing, the creativity is beautiful and to make sure that the members in the book club have a caring nature.

Ella Curry: Ultimately, what do you want members to gain from your union?
MP: We want members to gain a postive relationship in sisterhood bonding as a union.

Ella Curry: What is the one most surprising thing you have learned from a novel?
MP: One of the most cherished thing that we have learned from a novel is that no one is perfect, everybody goes through something and that change is available.

Ella Curry: Thank you Essential Women Members and Melody Parker for joining us today.

Readers have you read any of the books they mentioned above? Do you have a bookclub? Tell us about it below.

Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations