The Death of Black America

The Death of Black America
by Eran Reya

Black America is in a state of crisis: Why are one-third of all abortions performed in America on Black women? Why are 70% of all Black American children born out of wedlock?

Why do Black Americans compose 49% of all Americans living with HIV? Why is Black America in negative population growth? Why is misogyny so prevalent within the Black community? What is the crux of the problem between Black men and Black women?

The Death of Black America explores these questions and more in this call to action urging Black Americans to evaluate their condition and change the thought patterns and behaviors that are destroying them. The Death of Black America acknowledges how both collective and individual plights are intertwined and investigates the immediate and future consequences of ignoring this reality.

Through relevant and insightful text, the compelling analysis draws on a wealth of historical and statistical data to look at the factors that have led black America to its current state. Thought-provoking and candid, The Death of Black America examines the interplay of racial stereotypes and misplaced identity and considers possible solutions. Purchase the book here.

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