Start Here: A Practical Vegan Diet and Recipe Guide

Start Here: A Practical Vegan Diet, Lifestyle and Recipe Guide
by Venetta GeVena Kalu, ND, MPHA

ISBN: 9781420812893

Start Here is a step between where you are and where you want to be. Start Here is about helping you make simple changes to improve your health through lifestyle tips one path at a time.

The focus of Start Here is on taste and quality. Dr. Kalu promotes that to eat healthfully you do not have to sacrifice taste and fun. You can still have the pleasure and joy of eating a tasty meal well prepared.

Twelve years in the making, Start Here brings to you a creative, familiar cuisine in a relational lifestyle guide. If you’re like Dr. Kalu, you tried many ways to improve your eating habits. Therefore, she knows that good intentions will not build health. So, Start Here is her baby and a better eating plan for being a vegan and loving it.

With Start Here you will learn to:
Practice healthier habits
Learn how to eat on a schedule
Learn how to be a vegan successfully
Learn how to prepare traditional favorites in a healthy way
Learn how to eat in a manner that will help you lose weight without sacrificing taste

About the Author
Venetta G. Kalu, originally a New Yorker, is a naturopath currently in Hyattsville, Maryland. As a teenager, she showed a high aptitude for cooking. After teaching herself how to cook, she earned the title of natural born chef. A naturopath, lover of good food, and promoter of eating food as medicine, she had to find pleasant ways to make this medicine go down. So, with her love for experimentation, this natural born chef has accomplished this goal in her latest innovative task of publishing Start Here.

Start Here has solved two problems: helping people eat better and feel better with food they can really enjoy, and recognize reaching as wide an audience as possible. She wrote Start Here, a practical vegan diet, lifestyle, and recipe guide drawing on her work as a naturopath. After several years of inquiries for putting her recipes in a book, she decided to take that challenge.
Then she turned to AuthorHouse for editing, cover design, back cover copy self-publishing. Family and friends call her the vegan Martha Stewart. Critics called the book “A TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL AND USEFUL GUIDE, a rare practical guide and user friendly introduction to the vegan lifestyle.”

Dr. Kalu (director Path of Life Wellness Center, president of Ghova Institute, Inc., and creator of Dr. Kalu’s Oyls & Sope) is a health speaker, educator, lifestyle coach, and inventor with fifteen years of professional experience. She regularly speaks on a variety of topics including lifestyle skills, detoxification, nutrition, and women’s issues. Dr. Kalu is available for book signings, large and small lectures, and cooking classes. You may reach her by writing, calling, e-mailing, or faxing her office.

Dr. Venetta Kalu
Owner, Path of Life Wellness Center
Member, Good Life Wellness Center