Monday Morning Musing - Using Your Own Mind

Monday Morning Musing - Using Your Own Mind

by Tamara Grant

You are first taught your values and morals by your parents. They are the ones that instill in you everything from the type of person you should date to your ideas on how to choose a career. There comes a time when you take that step as an adult to mesh the things your parents taught you with what you truly feel, think, and believe.

Do you choose that mate that is the one that your parents think will be acceptable or the person that you are truly in love with?

Do you choose the career that your family thinks is most appropriate for you, or do you choose a career that reflects your aspirations, desires, and talents?

These are hard decisions. When did you first realize that the things your parents taught you to believe aren't necessarily what you really believe? Did you grow up in a Baptist church and then find out that you feel most comfortable in a Methodist church?

Did you pass up a date with the nice man at work because he's not the type that your family would expect you to date?This sounds like something that someone fresh out of college should be reading.

But it's for that 40 year old that gets up everyday and goes to work as a teacher or a nurse or something that their family considered to be a safe job despite the fact that their soul is calling them to step out on faith and become a writer or an entrepreneur.

When is it a good time to use your own mind?

Peace and Blessings,

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