Monday Morning Musing - The Rebirth

I'm home in Baltimore, helping my sister to pack and move to Atlanta. It's strange to think that she will be moving from the home where we've lived most of our lives. I always thought of that address as home base. The comfort zone. And now with her moving to GA, time is counting down until the house is sold and will no longer be ours.

I remember before my mom passed, she told me to help my sister make a decision. She could keep the house, which would be wonderful. She would be a homeowner at age 22 and have fantastic credit. Besides, she would pay less in mortgage then she would in rent living in Maryland. Or my mom said, if she couldn't keep the house financially or emotionally, help her sell it and move to GA with me.

I remember being a bit angry. Why would we sell the house? It's home. That's where we are from. It's ours. It didn't hit me until my sister told me she was ready to leave Baltimore. She needed to do what I did 13 years ago. She needs to leave and find her way, and she can't do it living in Baltimore .My mom told me that home will always be home, no matter where we go. We will always have our home in Baltimore.

But it's time for a change. It's time for my sister to find that person inside of her that I found when I left.So the story goes, the two red headed girls that ran those same Baltimore streets will make a new life in Atlanta. I've been there for 13 years, but it will be a new life for me to have my sister there with me and my family. It's a chance for her to really hang out with her nephew and a chance for me and my sister to hang out as adults- when I left Baltimore I was 17 and she was around 11.

For my sister, it's a chance for her to spread her wings and really live life. It's an opportunity for her to live up to her true potential and see life differently.Change is hard, but change is good.Peace and



Tamara Angela Grant is the author of the upcoming title, The Cooling Board (Peace in the Storm Publishings 2009)!