Dream Fulfilled: Nov.4 Dreams became a Reality

Dream Fulfilled

Over the past two years, I have read several blogs about Living the American Dream, Lincoln's Dream Fulfilled and lots of other universal mumbo jumbo. Okay, I'm sure those dreams hold a lot of value and validity for the individual(s). Trust me there is nothing wrong with having a dream.

However, I don't know about you all, but I don't think we were talking about the same American Dream. Let's see, like many of my brothers and sisters, I grew up poor but appreciative of what it means to be Black in America. What it means to persevere and embrace the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Therefore, I'm not sure if I could ever relate to the definition of any other American Dream. Okay I Digress...

Now let's get down to what really matters. Just in case you missed all of the emails, blogs and other media, let me inform you.Honey, we have a new Presidentan African American or Black President... Whatever floats your boat, because I am not good with technicalities. Anyway, as I was saying, Barack Obama will be etched into history as the 44th president of the United States. Wow! He did that.

I am always telling people about how I Rewrote the Script and created a new life for myself. But our new President has raised the bar for all Americans, especially politicians. This magnificent man has redefined and reshaped the political process. Sorry but they never saw him coming. So, now I have to ask.what's your excuse for not getting up off your butt and fulfilling your dreams?

I must say, being the very outgoing and optimistic person that I am, I never doubted the possibility. Yet, I am still in awe. I woke up this morning and our new President was one of the first people on my mind. First I thanked God for his blessings. Then I watched the news, once again (just for confirmation). After that I began calling my friends. I couldn't help it. I needed to someone to celebrate with.

There's one thing that I know for sure. From this day forward, no one should Ever live down to anyone's expectations. Like it or not, some of us have done this for years. We have and have always had the ability to do something Remarkable.

It has been more than forty-five years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his I Have a Dream speech. Like many of you, I was just a twinkle in my mother's eye. I am not sure how that speech affected her or any of my family members. But when I was old enough to comprehend the true meaning, I marveled at Dr. King's eloquent words of hope and prosperity. From the moment his words entered my ears, I knew a new revolution had begunand I wanted to be a part of it. Like Dr. King, there were a lot of obstacles thrown in my path but I never gave up hope. When I think about it.I am still not sure if Dr. King thought Change would happen so soon.

Understand this people-- this is not the time to focus on the many trials and tribulations that we went through to get here. Just understand that we have finally arrived and we have work to do. Now, I am not naive. I am aware that there will be many naysayers, non-supporters and other media entities seeking to down play this momentous event. Nevertheless, this is a time for celebration. We live in American, so we understand that this journey will not easy, for any of us. But we can do this.

For those of you who didn't think Barack Obama would be elected because of the color of his skin, I have news for you. The world is so elated that we can only marvel at the fact that he was elected in spite of the color of his skin. Therefore, we must remain positive.

Do you all realize the universal significance of this event? Think about all of the little boys and little girls who now realize that Dreams really do come true. They too, can be the next president of the United States. They can be leaders of substance, integrity and character. And for those of you who don't value education...after last night, I hope you never under estimate the power of education and determination.

No longer will our children be forced to equate success with just entertainers and athletes. Like it or not, education is the key that will open the door to many possibilities. Furthermore, don't let our children forget the words of Dr. King, "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." I think most people understand that everyone---new generations and old were included in his Vision. On November 4, 2008 that Dream became a reality.

Throughout his campaign, Barack Obama often spoke of Hope and Change. He sealed his campaign, when he coined the phrase, "Yes We Can."

The young but capable Senator from Illinois had the world shouting in unison, "Yes We Can. Si Se Puede." and We Did. You Go Boy! America, please join me in welcoming the new First Family.

Written By: Arlether Wilson Author of "Rewriting the Script" http://www.arletherwilson.com/