As I Sit and Write

As I Sit and Write

I pen to save the only life I share
You see, not to write is death for me
Some days it’s the only life I have

A day without pen and ink on paper
Is like a ship without helm or rudder
Drifting afloat, cast about the ocean
Waves clashing against the bow
A terrible sound

This is life without writing for me

For when I write I journey afar
I imagine all that my life could be
I set my thoughts to draw a map
That leads to a purple meadow
Where I roam cheerfully free

I walk the rural villages
Climb a few grassy hills
My heart travels where my desire wants to go
Yes! Pen and ink to pad, that is the life for me
For when I write. . . I transform my soul

Antonio L. Crawford
Founder National Christian Writers Conference
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