No One Knows My Name

No One Knows My Name
by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

A little shy girl who grew into a woman with dreams and a voice to be heard
And no one told me this world was going to be so cold

I am but a spec on the earth from up above, looking down
I am but one,
I am but a person,
I am but another writer, another author, another expression of my serenity
I also recognize I want to get noticed...but no one knows my name

I can hear a mild sound, a distance bump-bump in the night,
It is my heart and it is yearning and sometimes stirring with mixed emotions, not knowing which turns are right

Walking on a line so thin, trying desperately to figure out my pathway
I already tried to be someone else, but I now know I can only be me, and yes… I have a name

Calm, delicate, watching the world pass right in front of me,
I see love and hate – a world filled with so much drama and different attitudes

And I just feel full of energy and take on the world by writing in magnitude
Writing is my comfort, it is my Life – I sometimes find myself hidden behind the words on the pageWords for people to read, enjoy, cry and laugh,

I’ve made my decision, and you will find out it’s affections upon you - generations upon generations

I’m ready to say what’s on my mind, so I need your attention, because this may take you on many elevations . . .

I’ve been chained, banged, whipped and multiplied
And you don’t know my name

I’ve raised many children – some, not my own, and they have carried my values and fed from me

I have slaved the fields and held down an entire generation
And I am everyone’s mother, it seems

I’ve been called the minority because of my gender and my race
I have to fight with words and stand by my man and defend my family
If you only knew what these eyes have witnessed…Go ask you grandmother

The world is changing and things are happening, and if you don’t pay attention…well… you may have already missed it

A new generation, a new time…afro-puffs and hand cuffs, trying to fight for freedom.
Black Power!

I now have many roles
I have my struggles, but I move on, cause my kind is strong like that
I can be anyone, the opportunity is there for me to grab
Visions, desires, and new challenges…
I am taking on the world with boldness

And yes, you will remember my name, because I am a Black Woman
An undeniable, evident, special, beautiful, God-fearing, phenomenal Black Woman

Written by:
Tinisha Nicole JohnsonAuthor, Writer, & Poet